Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 939

At 8.00am yesterday I didn't think I would be able to get through my day.  The pain in my face and associated nausea had me standing over the toilet bowl.  I was (in a word) cactus.  Husband was on his way to work and then he had to drive to the coast to pick up Max-the-hip-gyrating-blind-Lab from his holiday retreat at Granny and Grandad's.  I had the photo shoot which couldn't be postponed (due to a fridge full of fresh produce about to go out of season and a photographer who had slotted me into her already busy schedule) and our session at the sound studio which also couldn't be postponed (because we were part of a "class assignment" at the local Institute of Technology and to postpone might mean missing out on the opportunity altogether).  So I had to get my head out of the toilet, suck up the pain, and soldier on.

So I did what any self respecting 40+ year old, temporarily single, work from home mum would do. I called my Mum.

Just the fact that she was here instantly took part of the pain away and eased the nausea a tad. I swear this is a real fair dinkum sinus infection, not one of those stress related illnesses, but the proof might be in the support. Having someone share the load definitely eased the burden.

So with my partner by my side,  a double dose of anti-inflammatories (the Sinutabs and other such meds were actually making my pain worse), some ice to cool the throb, and loads of tea, I got through the day with flying colours AND some huge results.

The photo shoot was amazing and confirmed that I am a shite photographer.  Trying to save money by capturing my own foodie photos is no longer an option. It's professional photography all the way.

Our session at the sound studio was amazing! It was just like in the movies.  My Tahlia was nervous as she went in (well, you would be with a room of 20 year old male students listening and watching your every word) but she pulled it off.  We got to stand inside this special booth with the microphone hanging down and the headphones on, while everyone else watched from their recording room with loads of buttons and knobs and more headphones.  It was so much fun! And the results were fantastic. I swear we were channeling some sort of  Disney animation energy in that booth. Disney makes a hell of a good mentor ...

Yeah, I would have to say it was a good day.

Thanks Mum.

But today is a different day. Today I cancel everything.  Today I lay on the couch with a doona and a cuppa and watch my recorded episodes of Tori and Dean, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Scouted.  Today is my splat day.  Oh sure ... I'll be peaking at my computer and writing a few emails ... but for the most part, I am going to opt out.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Wouldn't let me post yesterday. Hope this one gets through. Hope your sinuses feel better. I know a few others in Cbr including myself who are suffering quite badly this past few days. Mine seem to get better when I'm in Queensland...

  2. Glad everything went well yesterday. I hope a quiet day today has helped you feel better.

  3. Sometimes we've just got to suck it up, and then theres the times you can have a sickie. Glad you stuck it through, now you can chillax. Feel better soon x

  4. Thanks ladies :) I think my winter has begun .... welcome to 4 months of irritable sinus.


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