Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 940

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The big news of the moment is that Posh is (possibly) just an ordinary mum like the rest of us.  She’s prone to accidently leaving a kid or two behind as she rushes around managing life as a mumpreneur. 

I don’t know if you saw it or not, but on line yesterday it was reported widely that Posh had a little “whoops” moment.  Apparently she was doing the morning school run (just like anyone else) when she noticed that the front seat was strangely vacant meaning her son was still sitting at home in the kitchen.  Baby brain is baby brain no matter how posh the hairdo is …

So that begs the question, have you ever left a kid behind?

I remember years ago our neighbours across the street were out the front.  The Dad had just arrived home from Saturday basketball with his two daughters. Mum was there to greet them all and to see how they did, but she seemed a bit confused when they all piled out of the car. “Where’s Shane?” She said.  A look of horror passes over Dad’s face. *!Expletive!*.  Dad gets in the car and roars down the street. Apparently 10 year old Shane was also playing basketball, but Dad had forgotten all about him.  I guess that means he didn’t watch his game! Bugger.

There was a time a whole bunch of us went to the coast. Three families all in a house with 5 kids in total.  One morning we piled everyone up and headed to the beach.  Kids being kids decided that their own cars were boring so switched between families.  After arriving at the beach one of the Mums said “who did Owen travel with?”  We all looked around and realised there was no Owen.  His Dad did a crazy panicked drive back to the house to find 6 year old Owen still sitting in front of the TV watching the cartoons, completely oblivious to the fact that we’d even left the house. 

I’ve never left a kid behind (that I can remember). But we have left a dog behind. Does that count?  At Easter we took Max-the-hip-gyrating-BLIND-Lab to the beach.  We’d all spent the morning fishing, surfing and swimming (who am I kidding – I wasn’t doing any of that - I was sitting in a beach chair going splat). Max was with us with his big Labrador smile plastered on his face, doing the obligatory butt sniff whenever a new canine strolled by and occasionally wandering into the water for a dip.  When we packed up we assumed Max was with us, but on account of him being blind he didn’t realise we had left.  We’re used to the BVI dog (before visual impairment) and having him naturally follow us wherever we go, so we were none-the-wiser.  It wasn’t until we got back to the car that I said “where’s Max?” Horror across Derek and Darby’s faces.  Darby (our beautiful dog loving and completely empathetic lad) ran back to the beach with Daddy close behind where they found Max about 200 metres up the sand walking around aimlessly looking  for someone … anyone.  Darby didn’t stop running until he reached him calling his name the entire way which invoked a relieved tail wag from his canine buddy. 

So, have you ever left a child behind? Perhaps a dog, or a granny?

Disclaimer: These are the light hearted “everything turned out all right” examples of leaving the kids behind. Unfortunately in the press you sometimes hear extreme examples where the children have not turned up ok. I mean no disrespect to those who may have experienced this to the extreme.  


  1. I used to pick my daughter and her friend up after jujitsu every Wednesday at 7:30pm. As my son was older, he stayed til 9:30 and got a ride home with his dad. One day he needed to come home early, homework or injury, or something. No probs, or so I thought.

    Except that I have a goldfish memory. My parents and I are always saying "remind me to..." or "don't let me forget to do...". But really we all end up giggling because we ALL forget. Alzheimers got nothing on us (& I say this with sincere love & respect for those actually dealing with this difficult and upsetting disease). So, got three kids? Check. Son says he's forgotten something, will be back in a moment, can I pick him up at front of venue (as we were in the parking lot). Buckled up, started to drive off - and if you've ever driven a motor vehicle and sometimes wondered how you just drove home, because it seemed like you were in a trance & the car drove itself?) I drove home.

    My mobile rang. April couldn't reach it as it was in my handbag on the front seat. I was going to pull over to answer it, but just wanted to get home. It rang again. And again. I was starting to get a bit irate, I mean, if I wasn't answering the phone, obviously I was busy, no? Leave a message people! ...well he did. Even though he was a teenager and only a few suburbs away (& his dad was still inside the venue), I could hear the quiver in his voice as he said "You forgot about me. You just drove away. I was standing there waving at you in the rear view mirror, but you didn't see me". Never have I turned the car around and wanted to reunite with one of my babies so quickly. His sister & her friend giggled all the way back. Sniggering that he was the unloved one (that's been one of those funny - but weird to an outsider - running jokes in our family). I have never felt so bad as a parent as I did knowing I had left my son behind. It may have only been 5 minutes, but it left a huge mark on me. I made him copious amounts of hot chocolate and biscuits for the rest of the night ;-)

  2. OMG! That's hysterical! Someone did that to my Darby recently. He was coming home from a birthday party at a games arcade with a friend. The friend's Dad forgot he was bringing Darby home. He got the phone call from the host parents asking him to please come back because "apparently Darby is going home with you". Darby was a bit frightened by it all ... and the driver dad was pretty embarrassed. Apparently it was the squealiest, quickest, most rubber burning U turn in the history of the world. LOL. Hopefully your boy isn't overly scarred by it all. I am sure the hot chocolate did wonders!

  3. Yes I've forgotten a child, it's even easier when there's nine of them. One morning on the school run kids piled out at school and my stomach turned, Mr 2 yr old was absent. I knew I'd locked up the house (thank goodness) so I quickly threw each child into their class with amused grins from teachers and took off.
    Mr 2 yr old was happily in front of tv gripping tightly to the remote. Being last of 9 gaining the remote was his WIN, he didn't even notice the house had gone quiet!

  4. When the twins were tiny we had a lot of appointments in Canberra. One time I was getting ready in the bathroom while Paul loaded the kids into the car. I saw him take Oscar and Rory, and assumed he had taken Fraser as well (who was lying on the couch at two months old because we are awesome parents) and ran out the door and jumped in the car. About 10 minutes into the drive I suddenly panicked.
    "Shit, did you put Fraser in the car?"
    And my husband PULLED OVER TO THE CURB!!!!
    I seriously freaked the freak out, until Paul started laughing and told me to check the baby capsule - where Fraser was obliviously asleep.
    The moral of the story *should* be: don't leave your two month old lying on the couch. However, I more like to think the moral is: Husbands are bastards.

  5. LOL. Yes, husbands are bastards! I can just imagine the heart lurch.

  6. Funny! The more little snippets I hear about Posh the more I think we'd make good friends... It's just that little insignificant multi-million-dollar paycheck difference factor *cough*

    Your poor Max! And too funny, they actually got all the way to the beach before they realised the kid wasn't with them?! (I love more the fact that he was still obliviously watching cartoons, omg isn't that just a kid thing to do!)

    Haven't left anyone behind, myself... yet.

  7. I have heard a few stories of leaving kids behind but haven't done it myself... yet. I do frequently leave my keys/phone/sunglasses etc behind, but I guess they're a little less important that an actual human being :)

  8. I've never left a kid behind, but considering the frazzled state of my brain on occasion, I fear it is only a matter of time!

  9. OMG! This is hilarious! I had a snort at the line:
    "Baby brain is baby brain no matter how posh the hairdo is …"
    I have yet to leave one of the twins behind...but I am constantly paranoid about doing it...all the time!
    And yes, leaving a dog behind counts (Tsk, tsk..) :P

  10. Being Me - I know! I think Posh may actually be my new BFF ... or at least a close second to Tori Spelling (that's a story for another day).

    Ladies - Best wishes for a continued "clean slate"


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