Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 941

It's one hell of a fascinating ride ....

You will recall that I have a book published by an American based publisher and that this whole "getting published" journey has been a bit frustrating fascinating.  Oh, I'm grateful and honoured and happy and all, but the fascination is still there.

Let's just say I couldn't be more fascinated than I am right now.  At this moment I am one of the most fascinated people you may ever meet!

Because of this new product line I am putting out, and associated children's book series, I've kind of taken my focus away from my first little book. But that book is terribly important to me.  My Happy Gift is a book that is incredibly close to my heart. That book is my first born "child". That book has the potential to change the world, achieve greatness and become the next female Prime Minister!  Oh, hang on, that's my actual first born child.  But My Happy Gift is close ... very close.

So because of my second "child", my first one has kind of been pushed to the back burner a bit.

Today I received a sales report for that lovely first born (fascinating fact: the quarterly sales report was for July-September last year and I have yet to get figures for October-December, and January-March) which has reawakened my fighting spirit for book number one.  The reason I am so fascinated by it all is because book number one is supposed to have a marketing campaign, publisher based website, audio book, E book, been entered for awards, and I am supposed to have received the 100 copies I BOUGHT 6 months ago but which have failed to arrive on my doorstep (and failed to be acknowledged in the sale report).  Lots of "supposed tos" up there.  And very little results.

Now I'm a peace loving kind of girl, but I am also an Action Jackson, so at what point do I stop being all loving and grateful towards my publisher and start getting down right freakin' pissed off?  At what point do I jump on a plane to NYC and wring some one's neck? And will killing someone perhaps jeopardise my chances for award nominations?

The book was published last September.

In the publishing world, what is the reasonable turn around for all this stuff? 

Am I perhaps just too action oriented and my expectations of others is to high? Is this a case of me  just being plain old impatient?  

Or have I got reason to be concerned?

I'd appreciate your views. 

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