Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 942

Picture borrowed from the website of Sunset Hills Elementary  School

Darby is enjoying school.

Actually, I don't think I'm overdoing it when I say that he seems to be really enjoying school.


After a few tough years of encouraging him through school, homework, tutoring and reading, it seems our boy has jumped a huge hurdle into a mindset of acceptance and (possibly) joy when it comes to his education.  We are seeing less resistance. Sure, he still struggles.  Sure he'd prefer to be outside running around, or inside playing his XBox than sitting in the four walls of a classroom, but it's not a fight anymore.  He actually wants to go to school each day. Well, as much as kid wants to go to school each day.  It's such a relief!

His favourite "subject" is still recess and lunch (where he plays soccer with his mates every single day) which is wonderful because it gives him a reason to want to be there. And this doing the homework thing in the morning is working wonders - when he is fresh and alert, when his eyes are functioning at their best and when it means his afternoons are free for more soccer and XBox.  Plus I think the weekly tutoring is giving him a bit of confidence.  It's all just working in his favour.

Nothing else has changed. His dyslexia hasn't disappeared, his reading hasn't magically leaped ahead, he's not suddenly soaring in class.  His mind just seems less "heavy".  He is happy.

Our boy is happy.

And for that I am incredibly grateful.

For more gratefuls head on over to Maxabella who loves to share the joy.


  1. That is so good to hear. One of our girls struggles with school, but when she hit grade five it was like something clicked. She will never be an a plus student but she is enjoying it and it shows.

  2. So glad he has found his happy place in school.
    It must be a big relief that he enjoys it more.

  3. Wonderful post. Completely get it.

  4. Great news. I'm glad D is feeling better about school.

  5. This is wonderful news. And it gives me hope - they find their way in the end, don't they. x

  6. That is such lovely news to read. Delighted!! One of my sons is thriving at high school having gritted his teeth through the last few years of primary, it was a shame. Hooray for boys who like school!

  7. Horray indeed. And yes, they do get there in the end. Now the only person who seems to be stressing is Mummy (with Naplan just around the corner). At this point though he doesn't seem worried at all!

  8. That's really wonderful! I always think when they're enjoying school they must be learning more. xx


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