Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 944

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I am thinking a lot about the word "commitment" at the moment.  Everywhere I look it seems to be popping up as a topic that needs addressing.  It's referenced in the blogosphere, I am seeing it in my emails, I discuss it with my husband and I watch it (lots of it and lack of it) in the people around me.

What does Commitment mean to you?

My husband was once asked to suggest three words that summed me up as a person.  He said committed, driven, and loyal.

Yes, I am committed.  Once I make a decision I stick with it and get the job done.  Rain, hail or migraine. Like this blogging every single day rubbish. I committed to it so now I'm bloody well doing it.  I cannot waiver because it goes against the grain of who I am.  Committed.  As a coach, no matter what I have going on in my personal life, no matter what my business priorities are, no matter if my vision is blurred due to a pounding headache, I turn up for my team. Committed.  If I write a to-do list for the week I do everything possible to get everything checked off and deliver tangible results.  Committed.  If I make a commitment, I do it. Simple.

Which means I like the people around me to be committed too. I gravitate towards people with that same value.  I have certain expectations.

People often say they are committed. I am wondering though if not everyone's definition of commitment is the same. I am wondering if their version of commitment may in fact be compliance?

Are there degrees of commitment with various shades of grey?  Is shady commitment possible?  Doesn't that idea in itself suggest a lack of commitment?

For me commitment means being true to your word.  Saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.  Following through.

Knowing myself the way I do, it is highly possible that my expectations may be a little high (and at times unhealthy).  That I am sitting way at the top of that peak up there in the commitment pyramid and that the people around me are happily sitting in the compliance section.

So I'm curious - What does commitment mean to you?

What (if anything) are you committed to this week?


  1. I do believe that most words have different meanings to different people. Just as two people can look at the same object/setting and see two completely different views. No one is wrong or right, they just each see a different vista. "You say tomato, I say tomato" kind of thing.

    I think your commitment is strong & something many (myself included) could do with more of. It is obviously a drive that works well for you. But we might be in jeapordy of judging others with a standard that works for one, but not another. If you are on a path from A to Z, commitment can take you there (check you out with all your book and coaching success); but others might like (and need) to hop off that path & feel its okay to meander through b, c, and d-ville instead.

    I guess I see it as just as important to know when to stop doing something you don't want to do, rather than continue it because you once said you would. Everything needs to be reassessed in life & deviations taken for thousands of reasons. As much as I hope you never give up blogging for example, I certainly don't think you owe it to anybody (yourself included) if you chose to stop, or blog 5 days this week instead of seven. It's a pressure you are placing on yourself for example, that doesn't have to be there...UNLESS YOU WANT IT TO BE. Are you obliged to blog everyday until your end of days just because you once said you would (60-odd years from now? Because that's a lot of blog posts, lol).

    You are amazing and have the most committment of any one I know. You are a positive role model & an inspiration to many. Keep doing what works for you, enjoy the view, but don't forget to visit us peeps at the bottom of the mountain occasionally, if you want. You sound like you have an awesome piece of real estate up there on that hill. I probably would sit and enjoy it too...and hope to visit you up there one fine day in the near future. xx

  2. Thats a great post Boomerang Jane and just the discussion and perspective I was looking for. Thanks for joining in. You make some great points.


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