Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 945

Every now and then I get to hang out with a couple of teeny tinies for an entire day! It's lovely.  Now that my own two have grown well beyond toddlerdom, I kind of miss the baby magic.  So I beg, borrow and steal other people's kids to get my fix. 

Last week when Miss Three and Mr Almost-Two came to spend the day, I got to try out the very special Pure Poppet range.   Pure Poppet is natural play make-up so that the kidlets can get beautifully creative on a slightly different canvas ... themselves. 

It's all about dressing up, creating characters, playing and artwork. 

Pure Poppet came about because one mum wanted her pre-schooler to experience the fun of make up without toxins or chemicals that could harm young skin. The range is "free from Ferric Ferrocyanide, artificial dyes, FD, colours, talc, Carmine (also known as Cochineal), Bismuth Oxychloride, mineral oil (and its derivatives) and paraben preservatives".  

The lipstick crayon, make-up powder, applicators and stickers!

So last week we got the Pure Poppet out and had a play.  Eyes, lips and cheeks.  We took it in turns and came out looking FABULOUS! Definitely ready for a walk down the purple carpet.  

Some lovely purple eye shadow for Miss Three

The lip crayon for seriously happy lips

Getting creative on the little brother

Leanne is heaps fun to practise on!

There is heaps to choose from.  The full make-up kit, play pack, single pack, make-up stencils and make-up crayons. Oh, and don't forget the stickers! I have one on my laptop (thanks Miss Three) of  a very cute Pure Poppet character.

Want to know more about Pure Poppet? Head on over to www.PurePoppet.com.au.  You'll have a ball!    

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