Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 952

I admit it - I'm a Nice'n Easy girl (with the emphasis on "nice")

Did you know that 65% of women with grey hair are less than 35 years old*? It's a deep fried fruitism we can't avoid. It's going to happen at some point! Some just get that little Deep Fried gem a bit earlier than others.

I got my first grey hair at the age of 22. It appeared in my part line.  Of course I plucked it out and two grew back in it's place.  I've been dying my hair religiously ever since.  I'm not actually sure just how much grey hair I have because I refuse to let my skunk line take hold.  When I was in my early 30s I once said to a hairdresser "I am very grey" to which she replied "no, you're not that bad, only 10%".  Ten percent!!! Are you kidding me?!  That's absolutely shocking!

Well, I can safely say I'm probably more like 33% now.  But as I said, I haven't seen my natural hair colour for over 20 years so who knows.

I go through phases where I get my hair coloured professionally and then I do it at home on my own.  Given I have to touch up the roots every four weeks the doing-it-from-home thing is becoming much more frequent.  For many years now I have been using the Nice'n Easy range by Clairol. I love it because there is enough dye in there for both my husband and I to use in one sitting.  Yes ... we are "117 natural medium golden brown" twins. PLUS the little tube of conditioner they give you actually lasts me about 4 washes. I love it!

Recently I discovered that Clairol have a foam version of their lovely colour range.  So Husband, big grown up (step) daughter and I decided to give it a whirl.  I handed one pack to Chelsea who took it home to go from blonde to brown**, and Husband and I took the other pack for our monthly "let's colour our hair" date night. No longer twins ... we are now triplets.

I was a little concerned at first because I wasn't sure there would be enough of the foam to go around. But Derek and I both got great coverage no worries at all.  While the foam was easy to spread around, Chelsea and I agreed that the "pump" bottle wasn't that easy to use, and the conditioner sachet doesn't have as much conditioner as their original range does. But all in all it gave us good hair (with plenty of compliments)

What's your take on grey hair?

Do you embrace it or fight it with every ounce of your being?

Deep Fried Fruit with Nice'n Easy Foam colour - Copyright Deep Fried Fruit

A national survey conducted by Nice’n Easy revealed this and other surprising statistics, meaning the need for a hair dye that delivers 100% grey coverage is greater than ever.

** Chelsea did an interim colour of light brown a week before progressing to medium brown. 


  1. My two sisters and I inherited the 'go grey early gene' from our mum (who rocks grey hair, by the way). We all agree we will not allow ourselves to go grey at least until we are 70. Then magically overnight we will have glistening silver bobs like those glamorous older ladies in soap operas. If we have any hair left.

  2. Now that's what I'm talking about! Yes. I'm all for the lovely North Shore silver bob in the 70s :) But not before ...

  3. Hahaha, I'm laughing at the 'if you have any hair left' comment. I'm going to have to start wearing sunscreen on my head (is that an option?) or look for a wig in the near future. Gah!!

  4. Been gray for YEARS....and have been coloring for YEARS....in the past year or so have gone "blond"...never thought I would hear people say, "oh, you went blond!"...."I like it!"...still not used to it, but I have to color every 4 weeks...and Brenda and I get together every 4 weeks for our monthly coloring session...WAY TOO EXPENSIVE if I went to salon every 4 weeks...not ready to be gray, so will continue coloring and supporting L'Oreal hair color...:)

  5. My hair falls out all the time. In hand fulls. Never thought of it being related to colour! LOL. Soon they may make hair colour with sunscreen included!
    You look good blonde Mrs Bodnar. I was thinking of you and Brenda colouring each other's hair when I wrote the post. Are you guys blonde twins or do you use separate boxes?

  6. Seperate boxes Mrs. Langdown....:)


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