Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 953

How much sleep do you need?

Picture borrowed from Fashion Central**
I remember going to a seminar at my kids school featuring Michael Carr Gregg, leading Australian child and adolescent psychologist.  I learned a lot from Michael but one thing that stuck in my mind was the amount of sleep kids require to function at optimal levels with fewer emotional roller coasters, better concentration, higher learning, greater social ability and general health and well being.  He suggested that children, right through to the end of their adolescence* require a minimum of ten hours sleep a night.

I have followed that advice to the letter. If my children go to bed at their usual time of 8.30pm then I can safely anticipate a 6.30am start.  If they push their bed time to 9.00pm (which often happens during daylight saving) then I try not to wake them until 7.00am.  It works well ... and when they lack that sleep (often during school holidays), emotions are on overdrive and the screaming, crying and fighting commences.

Much like myself ....

Something I've come to learn about myself in my Deep Fried years is that I need sleep.  And lots of it.  If I don't get between eight and nine hours sleep a night, I'm cactus. A harsh, prickly, stick-in-the-mud cactus.

I usually go to bed around 8.30-9.00 and I'm up with the magpies at 5.30-6.00. It works for me and makes for good mental health, full body fitness and a pleasant attitude. It also makes for a reasonably decent human being to look at as well.  If I don't get that sleep, then LOOK OUT!

Lately I've been burning the candle at both ends in order to get this product line ready for launch in six weeks time.  Last night for example I didn't get to bed until 11.30pm and was up at 5.30am.  Six hours sleep turns Lovely Leanne into Lash-out Leanderthol.

From one slightly sleep-deprived night my body goes from action, action, action to border-line exhaustion.  I could actually be hospitalised.

  • I am fatigued beyond belief and can't lift my arms above my head - which makes putting out the washing an interesting spectacle
  • I get very foggy in the mind and wander around in a daze - definitely no planes allowed to land or depart from my airport
  • I start to get serious head spins and feel like I'm on the edge of passing out - which is highly amusing when I'm trying to walk down stairs, but not so funny when I'm driving in peak hour traffic
  • I am hardly recognisable in the mirror - my face taking on an extra layer of fat and a whole new set of luggage parked under my eyes (don't you know the airport is closed?)
  • I am intolerant and just plain shitty - HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO ASK YOU TO HANG UP YOUR FREAKING TOWELS?
  • I become quite emotional - all chick flicks are banned and best not show me re-runs of The Price is Right because I WILL CRY if anyone wins the major showcase.
  • I throw little Mummy tantrums over things that none of us can control - Why the hell isn't Tori and Dean on Arena anymore?  What happened to Tori and Dean??  I don't care that the season ended! I'm writing to someone ...
So it's pretty safe to say it's probably best to steer clear of me for the time being while I take a few nanna naps to get myself back on track.

How much sleep do you need?

Are there any other sore headed grizzly bears out there? Or am I the only one?

* Adolescence currently defined as being between the ages of 10-23 years of age. 

** There is an interesting article on the site I borrowed that image from.  It's all about sleep deprivation. Check it out. 


  1. I need as much sleep as humanly possible! Im one of those mean mothers who is yet to change the clock from daylight savings time thus getting the kids to bed 1 hour earlier than they realise...

  2. know how this old duck works & it's ALL bad. Years of bad habits & self inflicted. Not sure why I do it to myself every night. Bed around 2am, often less than 5 hrs sleep. Obviously it contributes greatly to my chronic illl health. Being alone a lot, it strangely feels safer for me to sit up late. Like I'll be able to protect myself if an intruder decided to visit the only house with lots of lights on at ridiculous o'clock.

    Had to laugh (actually scared me, but I can laugh now) when a car full of young hooligans were driving in our street. They yelled at me to 'go to bed' as they screeched the car tyres past my driveway at 2:30am a few weeks ago.

    Also need to apologise if my comments somehow crash your blog. Unfortunately another blogger tells me I might be responsible for all of her previous comments being deleted when I post! I feel awful. I notice I get spam-like email verification from DFF and I think it might only be after I've commented. I'm sorry, I don't know why. Using the iPhone & I'm hoping it's only the 2 of you. Let me know if anyone else has this prob, thanks.

  3. No problem here with your comments Boomerang Jane!

    I don't know how you survive on 5 hours sleep (perhaps you don't?) The ill health I feel the day after only 6 hours is enough to want to check myself into A&E! Trying to do my best to go to bed early tonight

    Hey Suzi, you might be onto something!


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