Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 955

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In this age of electronic information, the word SEND can truly be a four letter word.  Quickly followed by an even more urgent expletive UNDO!!

My husband wrote me an email from work during the week.  Only I never received it.  His big boss in Head Office did... SHIT!

It went like this: "Babe, I won't be home at lunch time. 
The [insert company name here] bid is in full swing. 
Should be home around 4.00pm. Husband."

To which his boss replied:"That's alright Honey, but I think you should also let your wife know."

To which my confused husband replied:

"How do you know my wife?" SHIT! Cue penny drop ... and Husband's hysterical I'm-in-the-middle-of-my-own-private-joke laughter.  

The next day they were in the middle of business discussions when Derek finished the teleconference with "thanks" and Big Boss replied "that's ok Babe." Since then he has also been called Honey and Husband.  

Of course it's also happened to me. In a very unprofessional way. I once sent a client summary email to the wrong person. SHIT! They had the same first name and after I hit send I instantly realised my mistake. I was mortified!! I made a quick phone call to the recipient asking if she could do a "double delete" for me given it was confidential information.  Luckily I knew and trusted the person.  I wasn't overly embarrassed by it ... I don't think I lost too many credibility points.

But others have ...

I remember once at work the head of the Government Agency wrote an all staff email on current portfolio issues, to which a new (and clearly mentally challenged) individual wrote a "reply all" saying "who the hell is [insert Agency Head here] and why does he expect that I would be interested in this? Stop sending SPAM."  SHIT! Within 30 seconds we could see that he was trying to "retrieve sent email" but a good whack of the Department had already opened it.  I never received another email from the new individual. I wonder if he survived?

Anyway, all this begs the question: 

Have you ever hit SEND only to realise it's gone to the wrong recipient?  

Could SEND be the new four letter word?

Have you ever had a panicked UNDO?


  1. Never to the wrong person, but sometimes with e-mail after you send something you think damn I shouldn't have sent that!

    I try to save and come back later if it is sensative stuff. Like responding to an ex-wife.

    Cranky Old Man

  2. Ah yes. The old "put it in draft and sit on it for a day" trick. I hear that! I've been guilty of a few of them myself. No ex involved though ...just stupid people.

    Occasionally cranky Deep Fried Fruit

  3. Lol! Oh yes, I've been there many a time. My husband suggested once that I did the whole "George Constanza" thing. You know, appear completely oblivious that you even sent the email...
    Never works...

  4. At least he had a sense of humour about it, it couldn't been a lot worse! I send emails all day and always pause to check I'm sending to the right person that is the thing that freaks me out the most. Ugg imagine. Babe work sucks should've called in sick. Boss your fired!

  5. When I was looking for a host for my Wordpress blog I emailed a bunch of companies to ask them about their services. It was a copy and paste job and unfortunately I sent one on with the name of the wrong compony in the message. Whoops! I felt like a fool, but I guess it wasn't quite as bad as emailing my boss instead of my husband :)


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