Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 957

After a "grueling" morning yesterday spent watching under 8's soccer, racing off to the outlets to get the winter boots that Tahlia absolutely MUST have, and spending far too many hours with my head in my hands trying to work out how I'd managed to stuff up my blog ... I finally got to let off some steam with a personal training session.

Now I won't lie to you, exercise and I don't always get along.  In my head I am this fit and fabulous chick who can ignore physical activity for months and then jump up at a moment's notice and sprint across the oval, do 50 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and lift 30 kgs above my shoulders.  It comes as a bit of a shock when in reality the warm up jog leaves me gasping for oxygen while my legs turn into lead poles and my face takes on the shade of Santa's suited up arse.  When I am with my personal trainer I am not feeling either fit nor fabulous and I sure as hell feel a whole lot older than 40.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday was a turning point for this little Deep Fried duck.  Oh sure, the warm up jog still reminded me I was no marathon runner, and the exercises she gave me were horrendous and had me gagging, but the thing about yesterday's session was that she believed my fitness had improved, so created a much tougher program and as a result she expected greater results.  And despite the forward and backward zig zag runs, the kettle bell weights, burpies, push ups, sit-ups, lunges and plank I managed to get through it and actually perform each exercise with a decent amount of skill. (Except for the bear crawl ... I am far too uncoordinated for same arm/same leg action).

So the good news is I am back to feeling fit and fabulous again! The bad news is that she now knows I can do it ... God only knows what next week will bring.

Can I just say that my thigh muscles have decided to protest anything resembling a squat which is  going to make toileting extremely challenging. 

Can I also say, that I think I may have finally got my blog to look half way decent. You may beg to differ of course ...


  1. Worth the frustration .... looks great!

  2. Blog looks great. And I'm so proud of your fitness. Very inspirational my friend!


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