Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 959

Got Angry birds at your place?  

I think I might be upsetting a few around here.

So I've woken up viewing Dawn's crack again which is becoming a bit of a habit.  Even the magpies are getting a bit peeved about the lights going on and the kettle whistling before the frost has even had a chance to settle. One birdie just gave me an annoyed warble as I turned on the dining room light. I guess that makes him an angry bird. He thinks I'm stealing his worm ...

I don't have much choice though.  All that fruit I've been juggling is starting to get a bit heavy and I'm going to drop the entire load if I'm not careful. So if I've got any chance of putting it all neatly back in the bowl without too much bruising I'm going to have to put in some extra hours.  And I just work better in the AM.

This week I've got some full days of professional services work lined up which is FABULOUS coz even though it takes me away from the product launch (which makes me panic a bit), it keeps the $$ rolling in to pay for it all. It's one of those time versus money equations.   A necessary evil. And it's going to look bloody good on my resume. But to get it all done I have to continually pay homage to Dawn's crack because there simply aren't enough hours in the day. So those narky little feathered folk twittering away in disgust are just going to have to deal with it.  I've got work to do ...

How's your bird life?

These worms are a bit chewy and they leave residue in your teeth.  The birds can have 'em! 


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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