Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 958

There are days I wish they made adult pyjamas with feet and a bum flap.  Don't you? 

Apparently they exist, but I've not seen one in real life. I've found a few on line but they don't seem to have the trap door at the back for quick and air free toileting.  To have to unzip and peel the whole thing off for a bathroom break kind of defeats the purpose of why I'd want to own one in the first place.  I need all over body warmth from top to bottom to beat these freezing mornings when I get up at Dawn's crack. In fact, I could probably get away with wearing one all day when I'm working alone in the home office. The adult onesie could become my Deep Fried uniform! I could even get a logo sewn on and my name on the front left lapel.  Yes ... that's a splendid idea.

Who's with me?

For this and more strange products found on the web head on over to  Where you can buy things like a Fish Condo, a robotic cat, and a Russian roulette balloon gun. Intriguing ...


  1. yep have seen them at Target a few weeks ago look cosy. Stay warm :)


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