Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 960

Do you have many clothes?

How do you keep track of what you've worn and where?

Believe it or not I don't own a lot of clothes. In fact, my husband's side of the wardrobe is probably more crowded than mine is. I own heaps of shoes and handbags, just not a lot of outfits.  The reality is I don't really need to. I work from home much of the time and when I do have clients or consultancies they are always with different people so I can wear the same clothes over and over and no one ever knows.

Or do they?

I am starting to get to the point where I am forgetting which outfits I've worn with which clients. Which is making me think I need some sort of clothing database.  I'd love to have some sort of instant camera to take pictures of the outfit I've worn on a particular day that then print it onto a sticky note to put in my diary.  But that seems a bit extravagant. Instead I've just started writing in my diary to remind me of which outfits have already been displayed at which meetings.

Why? Well at the moment I am involved with running some workshops so I'm often at the front of the room having people stare at me.  They're all staring at me for hours on end so there's a good chance that my clothing is being permanently seared into their brains.  These workshops are being held over three months and are a week or two apart.  So it's not like going to work every day where wardrobe decisions become a jumbled mess in the brains of the masses.  They are only getting to see me intermittently which means each and every clothing choice may be remembered.  And in between these workshops I am also seeing other clients so clothes are constantly being swapped and changed about.

I am losing track of what I've worn and where I've worn it.

Which is why I need a database! 

Any suggestions? 

In reference to Monday's post I could of course start a new trend and just go down the path of a corporate adult onesie and be done with it. No database required.  But then again ...I wouldn't need it ...I probably wouldn't be asked back ...

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  1. I think as long as you look professional and put together, which you always do, I don't know that others would be keeping score of your wardrobe. I wouldn't remember what someone wore a few weeks back. We all have to wear the same clothes at some stage. I wouldn't judge someone if each time I saw them they were in the same outfit. Maybe they would just think that was part of your work 'uniform'?


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