Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 961

The countdown is on for my Disney Adventures!

The excitement is mounting in Deep Fried Fruit Land about my upcoming Disneyland travel.  In just two and a half weeks I'll be on a plane to the USA with a bunch of other Aussies to attend the official Press Event for the launch of Cars Land.

Now that's a great big WOOT WOOT right there.

This week a magical package arrived at my door which included a tricky little fold out "Save the Date" card, along with a whole bunch of retro looking Disneyland Resort post-cards, a Cars badge, the Cars movies on Blue Ray (what better reason to rush out and by a Blue Ray player), a Cars bag-tag and a lovely letter from Mr Sean Harrigan the Sales and Marketing dude for Disney here in Australia.

I think that makes it official. I'm going to Disneyland people.  AND I get to blog about it.

Interestingly enough my family aren't sad that I'm going without them. In fact, my kids are just excited that someone is going and they get to brag about that at school. My husband is probably glad I'm going just to get me (and my "holy-shit-I'm-so-busy-all-the-time-can-somebody-please-help-me" energy) out of the house.  As much as I love Disneyland and would love to share this experience with my family, I am happy to be going alone as it means I can do what I like to do (write and blog and take photos and blog and take videos and blog and read and blog) without anyone getting annoyed about all the blogging. It's a win win all around!

The whole thing is going to be such a steep learning curve. We are being given little snippets of information but I won't truly understand it all until I arrive at LAX. I do know that I leave on 11 June and arrive home on the 18th. I also know that I'm involved in a week-long event which includes a red carpet Grand Opening on Wednesday 13th and an exclusive viewing of Cars Land, Buena Vista Street and other areas of Disney California Adventure Park on Thursday 14th, Apparently there will be various opportunities for interviews across the day.

Interviews?! Oh my God. With who? Owen Wilson perhaps?? Holy shit! How exciting ... HOW EXCITING!

Ummm ... I am actually slightly in love with Owen Wilson and he is in fact on my "list".  I hope this doesn't create a conflict of interest.  I may just have to jump on him.

 So yeah, the excitement is mounting in Deep Fried Fruit Land. Only two and a half weeks to go.

Watch this space.


  1. Congratulations! I feel like you will be SO close to me, and yet SO far! And I'm SO jealous because I haven't been to DisneyLAND in almost 15 years. (Though we were in Florida in Disney World just last fall.)

    Have a fantastic time!

  2. I will be very close to you drafty! Pity I can't quite reach you though. I would give you a huge cuddle. Next time perhaps? I hope you are feeling ok and that your head is above water.

  3. That is awesome, with the work that you do you put so much positivity into others lives you deserve some in yours x

  4. Oh Michelle - that is so sweet! Thanks so much :)

  5. Very exciting. Have lots of fun!

  6. Thanks for Always bringing Value into your blog .
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