Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 963

Do you wear flowers?

I have a draw full of them. When Derek and I renewed our wedding vows in Hawaii four years ago I became obsessed with the island custom of floral accessories. Since then the flower has become a staple in my Deep Fried tool-kit. I usually wear them during our summers at the coast or when we are off on our annual "in search of the sun" junkets to Queensland. I find them particularly handy for helping glam up a normally boring gelled-back-bun which is often the only way I can control tropical frizz.  Flowers are also handy for covering up a gaping cleavage or giving some fancy factor to a boring blazer.   And right now, as I freeze my arse off in this Canberra winter with views of leafless trees and patches of bare ground, they are fabulous for adding colour to an otherwise gloomy day.

Yep, today I am grateful for floral accessories and an extra drawer in which to store them. I am also grateful for trips to Hawaii and ways to tame frizzy hair.  And Ugg boots ... As I sit here typing in the Canberra chill I'm still bloody grateful for Ugg boots.  If you'd like to see more gratefuls head on over to Maxabella Loves for a whole world of gratitude.

Want to see some Deep Fried photos of flowers in action?


  1. You're gorgeous. So the flowers are kind of your trademark? what a lovely way to brighten up the Canberra gloom. I don't think I've ever worn flowers!

  2. I like the flowers to cover cleavage looks good! I always feel pretty when I have a flower in my hair, I tuck them into a side bun or pin them to a top as a brooch.

  3. Hello beautiful you! I've missed you these past weeks and here you are all gorgeous. x

  4. Oh wow, you do flowers so well!! Gorgeous! And I laughed over your canberra winter line... yes feeling the cold too! x

  5. Oh you're so beautiful & how exciting - Disney in June!! Have an absolute ball, love Posie


  6. You are amazing as always. the value you put in the your blogs in really appreciateable
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