Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 965

I have my first cheerleading injury! I'm so proud...

A few weeks ago I joined the parent's cheerleading team.  There was a whole bunch of parents stepping up to give it a go but I avoided it due to other commitments, and I was worried about my dodgy neck and shoulders and the fact that adding yet another layer to my life might actually cause me to implode.  But given I was there every week anyway doing my little "Canberra Liaison" job for the squad, I figured I might as well. It looked like fun. So for the last few weeks I've been doing jumps, spotting stunts, learning dance moves and doing somersaults.

But last night I rendered myself disabled and I'm now "out" for a couple of weeks to heal.

So, how did it happen and what did I injure?

We'd been learning how to do aerial somersaults on the built-in trampoline which I wasn't quite ready for.  It all sounds very fancy and clever, but really we were just learning how to crash into the safety equipment. We were doing a few bounces and then trying to flip ourselves airborne to land on the crash mat (preferably on our feet) on the other side. A couple of mums were doing them like champions but I decided they were ten years younger than me and in dog years that was like 70 so I was positively ancient in comparison.  Just jumping on the trampoline at all was a major combination of bladder control and pelvic floor aerobics.  And then there's the whole "oh God please don't let me fart" concern.  So instead of doing aerials I was just practising my dive rolls instead.  Bounce (squeeze), bounce (squeeze), bounce (squeeze), dive forward, tuck and roll.

I was doing really well until I sprained my thumb.

Can you believe it?! I am jumping and diving and flipping and of all the injuries I could have sustained I've gone and sprained my thumb.

The first thing I did was screech, the second thing I did was fight back tears (suck it up princess, suck it up princess, suck it up princess), the third thing I did was swell with pride at my first bona fide cheerleading injury , and the fourth thing I did was say "I"m sooooo blogging this".  Yep, behind every challenge is an opportunity to blog.  

So here I am with a throbbing thumb, swollen hand, an ice pack and something to blog about.  I couldn't be prouder.

You never realise just how much you use certain body parts until they're injured.  Typing is a tad painful right now as is making the school lunches, writing, getting dressed, showering and going to the toilet. Suddenly I'm all thumbs ...

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  1. Make those other digits pick up some slack! Poor thumb. Thankfully not a neck or leg. That would have put a dampener on all things Disney. I'm surprised Disney haven't written you a contract that says you must be wrapped up in cotton wool until the day you leave (I think you should draw one up anyway & make the family wait on you hand and toe (thumb & toe?).

    Absolutely laughed myself silly about the bounce & squeeze. My pelvic floor backed its lazy arse bags and moved out years ago. I am now quite aware of the importance of abstaining from activities such as trampolining...we must never speak of the Xmas trampoline saga of 2001. Never!


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