Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 966

Celebrating the wins ....

It's important to celebrate the wins no matter how big or small. We celebrate a lot in our house ... not because we're necessarily achieving extraordinary things, but because we recognise even the smallest wins when they occur.

It might be as big as a blogging trip to Disney, or as small as a good hair day.  It might be as promising as the finals of the Samsung Global Blogger competition, or as small as making $12 in Nuffnang advertising. It could be as big as winning the first game of the season in under 8s soccer, or as small as saving four eggs in a dozen when the rest of them break.  It could be as big as learning your back handspring, or as small as doing a forward roll. 

It could be as big as now reading at age level ... or as small as .... as .... hang on ... let's focus on the big with this one.

Our gorgeous Darby has been lacking confidence in the whole reading department due in large part to his dyslexia.  So this year we signed him on for one afternoon a week at Kip McGrath for some tutoring.  This means extra "home work" of course, but it's something he and I do together in the morning before school and it's not overly time consuming.  About 30 minutes a day.  

When Darby started at Kip McGrath he was assessed as having a reading age of 6.  He is 8 years old and in Year 3.  To be honest that was a bit of a shock to me at the time. I knew he was struggling but to put an age to it really highlighted the challenge.  I didn't tell him that of course. Anyway, we've done a term and a half of tutoring and yesterday we were advised that his last assessment now had him at a reading age of 8.1.  Given he is actually 8 years old I'm going to take that as a huge win.

I have no idea what the testing involves, nor do I know if it's a well recognised model, nor do I know what the variables are. I'm not even sure that I've noticed the improvements as being that significant myself, although they're definitely there. All I know is that it suggests some very important forward movement.   

He still struggles at school and his reading is extremely slow and laborious. But we're getting there.  There is light at the end of our tunnel.  And at a minimum it's giving us the confidence to power onwards.  

Yep ... we'll take it as a win.  Cue the celebration ...

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  1. Excellent news! Well done, Darby. And you for all your hard work, too.


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