Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 968

A world full of colour...

Today is officially the last day of Autumn in the land Down Under.  I'm not overly bothered by the fact that winter is now upon us (yet) but I do wish Autumn would last that little bit longer.  Not for the weather as much as the colour.

This photo was taken outside my laundry door.  It's a gorgeous carpet of fallen leaves which I would love to somehow replicate year round.  This is not an area of my house that is seen ... it's hidden to the side of the house away from people on the street with no windows for us to look down upon.  The only time we see it is when we're hanging out the washing.  At the moment it's providing a red carpet entrance to an otherwise mundane chore.

Unfortunately it won't be there for much longer.  The leaves are getting crisper and more fragile and the colour is starting to drain from them.  So that we don't end up with mulch on our path Husband is going to be cleaning the area and my carpet will end up in the compost bin.  There will be no red carpet in my life this winter.

Or will there? Hmmm (I am sitting here with my "sinister pondering face" twirling my invisible moustache in true Darstardly Dan style).  Don't forget I'm off to Disney in less than two weeks.  And while they are being super secretive right now, there is a hint that I'll apparently be attending some sort of red carpet event. I have no idea of the details or what my role might be (let's ponder that tomorrow) but I'll take it.

Goodbye autumn leaves. Thanks for your efforts and providing me with a world of colour ... it's been lovely. You've totally prepared me for my next red carpet experience ...


  1. We have the same tree at the school I work at and everyday we marvel at the changing colours I have managed to encorporate quite a few activities involving the leaves and the children also have a deeper appreciation of this marvellous natural wonder. I too will be sad when the leaves dissapear but winter has it own wonders ( thats what I keep telling myself) and spring will be just around the corner. :) thanks for sharing that Leanne.

  2. Thank you for sharing Julie! And thanks for reminding me that winter does have it's own wonders. I will be sure to look for them (rather than swear and stomp my feet at the bitter air and cloudy skies)


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