Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 969

What does a blogger do at a red carpet event? And more importantly ... what the hell do they wear?

I have received the "Press Event Media Itinerary" for my Disney travel and it looks fantastic.  I know one thing for sure ... there will be no rest.  While the activities of my first two days are still quite secretive and mysterious (that's Disney for ya), the actual opening of Cars Land, and the three days of media involvement are well mapped out.

There are two things that are freaking me out about all this (in a very excited I can't wait kind of way). (1) I am part of the media and I have no idea what that job involves and (2) there is a red carpet event and I am part of the media and I have no idea what that job involves.  And the big overhanging worry in all this ... what the hell do I wear?
On Wednesday 13 June at 6.00pm I will be attending the red carpet arrivals for the Cars Land grand opening ceremony.  The red carpet bit goes for almost 2.5 hours and that is followed by the official launch and then a Cars Land Premiere Party.  At 10.00 that night there are live broadcast and videotaped interview opportunities.  I have a few questions here (1) who will be walking the carpet...actors, Disney execs, the people who hammered and nailed the rides together? (2) do I step out and do a big Giuliana Rancic E News style interview with the red carpet peeps or do I just hang back and watch it all as a little Aussie blogger? (3) if I did manage to score an interview with a cartoon voice, who will hold my camera? and (4) what the hell do I wear?

Clearly I am getting ahead of myself here.  I'll be the one in the back row wishing I had a bigger zoom and then going back to the hotel room to "borrow" other people's photos on Google Images.   I'll also be the one being crippled by her high heels because she's worn cocktail wear  to a cobblestoned world of make believe battling a herd of hungry paparazzi, and feeling quite conflicted because she's suddenly become one of them.

I've started Googling "what do media wear at red carpet events?" and there are quite a few tips and tricks out there but they're all for the people actually on the red carpet. Not for the bunnies hanging around the edges.  I did come across one website which was cool - it's the official site of Kristyn Burtt called Red Carpet Closet ( which sounds promising.  I've never heard of Kristyn but that's ok because she's probably never heard of me either.  She looks lovely though and definitely worth stalking. Again she talks about red carpet do's and don'ts for the red carpet walkers, but nothing that I can find yet on the media involvement.  However, I have noticed she is wearing high heels and always dressed smartly.  And I can credit her site for the above red carpet picture.  I'll keep perusing and see what I come up with.

So the topic of discussion for today is... for the Cars Land Grand Opening Ceremony and Premiere Party - both being held at Cars Land - what would you wear?

Cocktail wear?

Corporate wear?

A sun dress?

Casual pants and a blouse?

Jeans and a t-shirt?

A matching trackie made of parachute material?

Cars merchandise?

Your birthday suit?

I desperately need your advice. 

(And your credit card - I may need to go shopping)


  1. No idea, but I'll happily carry your bags or hold the camera!

  2. Cinderella's ball gown.... But make sure you are home before the stroke of midnight!!

  3. I think where something glam but definitely easy to move around in. Maybe a cocktail dress? You don't know if you might be asked to be on the carpet so alwasy better to be overdressed then under!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I say wear something you feel comfortable in. When you are in situation that is unfamiliar, comfy clothes that you know look good on you can help maintain your confidence and help you to feel natural (in unnatural surroundings!)

    On the day you're at the Cars opening I'll be sitting my final exam for my MBA, and I will be wearing jeans! :-)

  5. Hi Everyone!
    I followed up with Leanne about what she should wear. I hope she will share it with you. I can guarantee it is going to be a FUN event.
    Best Wishes,
    Kristyn Burtt

  6. Oh that sounds so exciting!!! Maybe you could get totally glammed up and just hijack the red carpet? I know I would be tempted... Probably why I'll never be invited to one (well probably not the only reason :-) )

  7. Birthday suit is an interesting one! I think it would propel you from the sidelines to the main act!

  8. Wow. That really is a dilemma. I'd be emailing the organisers but in the spirit of the post, I like the tracksuit, WITH the Cars branding. You might get yourself on the Fug Girls blog and your life will be made.

  9. I'm not sure about the clothes but I know about the shoes - go for wedges which are great for uneven surfaces (no heel to stick in the ground!) and carry some flats in your bag just in case!

  10. Dress as Lightning McQueen! That will get you some attention!

  11. I;m with the birthday suit. You'll no longer be in the sidelines that's for sure!

    No, really I'd go classy semi formal. I think.

  12. The 'little black dress' accessorise differently and it will take you anywhere. Most of all - Have a ball!

  13. I have no fashion advice BUT I'm sure you will look great. Enjoy!

  14. When in doubt, I've always stuck to the rule, "Overdress rather than underdress"
    Then there is also the other rule I swear by, "Dress for comfort"
    You're going to have an awesome time either way!!!
    Go, you!!!

  15. You guys rock! Between you all I've managed to find the perfect dress hidden in the back of my wardrobe. Long and classy. Strappy and cool. And it's comfortable with very little chance of a wardrobe malfunction. I can also let my tummy do what it naturally wants to do without sucking it in all night. I could wear it on the carpet or off. I have wedges I can wear or stylish flats with a bit of sparkle. I've got my Cars "badge" which I will put on my handbag so that the merchandise bit is covered. And the dress is easy to remove if I decide to opt for the birthday suit angle ...


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