Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 970

My Disney wardrobe is sorted! 

I am so grateful for all the comments and suggestions that came through my blog and Facebook page regarding my Disney red carpet wardrobe.  Definitely a first world dilemma ... and a "living a charmed life" first world dilemma at that.  But a dilemma for this little piece of Deep Fried Fruit none-the-less.

Kristyn Burtt at Cars 2 Premiere
After I finished chatting to you all yesterday I made email contact with Kristyn Burtt* from and  A Google search suggested she was the person in the know and it seems Google was right! Not only is Kristyn the person in the know, but she knows it right down to the fact that she attended the Cars 2 Movie Premiere and sent me photos of what she wore to that event as a reporter. PLUS she even suggested some shoe-wear for my Disney junket.  Wedges or flats are definitely the key. And now that we're best buddies and all, we're going to try and hook up for a real life hug when I hit LA next week.  Coz it just so happens she's a Disney fanatic and lives nearby!

Gotta love the internet and gotta love Kristyn Burtt.  And if the truth be known, I've got to love all of you for your suggestions and feedback.  Between you all I now know exactly what sundress to wear at the red carpet event.

The only thing is I seem to have lost a bunch of weight since I bought it and it's too big ... so I'm off to my local tailor this morning to have it taken in.  Definitely not something to complain about.

This photo was taken 18 months ago at Lake Burley Griffin in the ACT.  It was part of my official author photo shoot by the fabulous Rachel Houlahan of Juzz Photography

*Since contacting Kristyn Burtt I have discovered she is an entertainment news reporter and television host for shows such as Hollywood Happy Hour, The Vintage Vehicle Show and a network host at USN. Some of her recent interviews include Sally Field and our very own Chris Hemsworth.  I'm glad I stalked her ...


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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