Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 971

It's time for me to get my travel insurance

I used to always get my insurance directly through the travel agent, but I noticed it was getting really expensive. In 2006 for example, it cost us over $600 to cover a family of five to go to the USA for a few weeks.  

The following year a friend recommended Travel Insurance Direct - an online travel insurance provider. I was nervous of course, in case we had to make a claim and they might be dodgy, but given said friend actually worked for them I knew I had a direct line of action so I gave it a go.  My travel insurance costs more than halved! We can now take a family of four to the USA for well under $200.  (It's ok, nobody died - a family of five went to a family of four because Chelsea grew up and now goes on her own holidays.)  The best part is I actually had to make a claim in 2007 and it all went very well. No hassles at all ....

In 2007 Tahlia, Darby and I all went to the USA for a wedding.  We booked the really cheap non-refundable flights with United to save as much money as possible.  This works well if there are no spanners in the works.  It can become very costly if spanners decide to show up.

Unfortunately a couple of days before we were due to fly out my grandmother died.  While she was old, it was unexpected.  The funeral was being held when we were already due to be in the air.  Your grandmother's funeral only happens once ... so flights needed to be changed.  Travel Insurance Direct were fantastic! I made the flight changes directly with my travel agent and paid the rather large fee attached to changing the fares, and then sent all that paperwork to TID and BINGO the money was all refunded into my bank account.  Too easy! The only slight challenge was the need to produce a death certificate which wasn't hard at all ... I just rang the funeral home the day of the funeral and picked a copy up from them. I know that sounds morbid but I guess anyone can fake a funeral to get out of paying for flight changes, so to keep their costs down they've got to have proof.  Anyway, it was a really good experience and I've used them ever since*.

So for my Disney travel I've booked with TID again.  It's only cost me $72** for top cover and if my kids were flying with me they would have been covered for free.

If you're travelling and would like a reliable, inexpensive and easy travel insurance, I highly recommend Travel Insurance Direct 

* The travel insurance claim was a good experience ...Not Nan's death.  Geez ...

**This is not a paid post, I decided to write about TID because I really want to acknowledge their value.  I did receive a 10% discount on my insurance (for being a loyal customer and having a friend in the business).  All the opinions in this post are my own. 


  1. Your gold credit card with NAB is supposed to provide you with free travel insurance. Worth checking out?

  2. Only works if you buy your flights/tickets with your Gold Credit Card. But yes, we did that for Hawaii. Disney bought my tickets for this trip so I had to get travel insurance separately.


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