Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 972

Finding the perfect handbag.

It's no secret that I love handbags. It's also no secret that I own too many. That didn't stop me from heading off to Colette yesterday to get myself yet another accessory to add to my ever increasing collection.

Believe it or not this isn't an "I want, I want, I want" act of whimsy.  I do in fact NEED this new handbag.

If I am going to be effective at the Disney launch I can't be carrying around an enormous tote.  I need a bag that I can strap diagonally across my body, which can carry my camera, phone, money, passport and room key, which matches the shoes I am taking* and which isn't going to give me a shoulder injury in the process. AND it has to look good and be able to ride the rides with me.  And I found it.  The perfect little purse that not only looks good but was 50% off! I only paid $15 for this gem.  Colette hasn't failed me yet ...

You see! Totally matchy matchy ... perfect
As you can see it matches my shoes perfectly. It is also going to blend well with my day wear and with my red carpet dress, particularly since I can put the strap inside and carry it like a little evening clutch.  Tahlia has also given the thumbs up and has alerted me to possible theft on my return.  I'm ok with that because small handbags don't usually suit my needs, so rather than let it collect dust I can hand it over to Miss 12.  I think we've got our $15 worth, don't you?

Colette ensemble for Mum for her birthday this year
I'm a huge fan of Colette and am thinking seriously about contacting her to become an official Colette Hayman ambassador. Surely I can justify my handbag collection if it's considered "work". I only found her a few months ago and already I am living by her tagline "I'd rather wear Colette". You already know about the gorgeous purple clutch I bought to wear with my cocktail dress for the blogger conference. I also bought Mum her birthday present from Colette this year which included this gorgeous "snakeskin" clutch, scarf and jewelry.

I'm telling ya, I'm hooked.

*No matter how colourful the fashion world is getting I am of the school of thought that handbags and shoes must match ...


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