Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 973

Channeling my inner Carmen Miranda

I have a new fruity blog banner*! Woot woot!   What do you think?

It's all part of the "branding" of Leanne Shea Langdown.  After years of keeping my blog life and  business life very separate, they're about to shake hands to form a strategic alliance.  So, what do you think of the salsa/calipso Leanne?  This is an original piece of art by the talented Tessa Dorman whose very first solo exhibition - Whispers Between People - starts today in Brisbane at the Percolator Gallery.

I can hear your brains ticking over trying to work out why I've gone all Carmen Miranda on you.  Well, it's really very simple.  I am always referring to the many hats I wear, and the fact that I juggle far too much fruit, and how much I love my hair flowers, so we decided to put it all together in one big fruity flowery hat! And that, my friends, will be the central spot for all things Leanne. Over the next week www.LeanneSheaLangdown.com will be launched as the fruity hub for me as an author, blogger, consultant and mum.

My blog will still be here as a separate (yet related) entity.  You can still find me at the domain names www.DeepFried.Fruit.blogspot.com and www.DeepFriedFruit.com.au, but each new post will also roll through the new Leanne website.  My books will also be advertised on there along with my consultancy with links to my business website. PLUS there will be other cool stuff including an Out and About page and a spot to advertise my "friends" including the charities I'm involved in, some strategic alliances I have formed, and some products and organisations I endorse.

It's taken me quite a while to get to this point I've gotta say.  You see, Deep Fried Fruit was always my escape. It's where I didn't have to be all prim and proper with my legs crossed. I could do the middle aged warts and all stuff that was inside me trying to escape without losing face as a success coach. So I purposely never shared my blog with my clients and I hardly ever mentioned my consultancy with you.  Not because I was ashamed but rather because for me they were two very different hats.

And while I've shared my publishing journey with you for my first book, and told you a bit about other books that await their spot in the sun, (and given you sneak peaks into our new product line) I haven't shared my blog with the book people in my world.  Again, just because it was my get-away and always a different hat.  So after much prompting from my PR rep I've finally given in and combined them all into one great big fruity celebration.   And you know what? It feels good! I honestly feel like I've come home ...

Stay tuned! 

*This banner was designed, and the artwork commissioned, by Amalia Ridwan at Arpace here in the ACT.  She's been working with me on all my graphic design, website design, business branding, book covers and PR for our product launch.  It's the latter that prompted us to overhaul DFF and create the new Leanne hub. 


  1. I like it, looks professional but still has your flamboyant personality shining through

  2. You're awesome Michelle! Thanks so much for the feedback :)

  3. My first thought was "Agghhhh it's YOU!" which is perfect because it is you! Love, love, LOVE and think it's fun, fabulous and flamboyant - all things that you are, perfect! :)

  4. LOL. Thanks Rainbow Goddess. I thought you were describing yourself there!


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