Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 974

Drum roll please ...

Forget the Queen's Jubilee.  The Royal Guard should be drumming for me. Why?

Because my eyebrows have returned! 

Borrowed from  
I have very light body hair (believe it or not) which is great for my legs and arms, but a bit of a bummer for my eyebrows and eyelashes.  It mean's they have to be painted on. In all the stuff I've been doing I didn't realise I've been walking around without visible eyebrows for the past few weeks. So yesterday I hightailed to my trusty neighbourhood beautician for an urgent dye job.  And I can safely say my face looks somewhat complete again. Gotta look my best for Micky Mouse.

With that hair now back in place, I should probably do something about weed whacking the rest of my body. But I'm frightened.

Yeah well, I've been avoiding that little exercise.  More about that tomorrow ...

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