Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 975

Let the weed whacking begin ...

After declaring to the world yesterday that I have fair body hair I am now going to contradict myself and start complaining about those pesky black chin hairs again.

My inner lioness is emerging, with evidence of a mane around my neck and chin and TWO OF THE UGLIEST black chin hairs I have ever seen sticking straight out front and centre. Of course it took the florescent lighting in a corporate toilet to discover those two gems.  Timely given I was spending the day addressing a group of people and everyone was staring straight at me. I am assuming they couldn't actually see the hairs ... but I felt as though they were growing a millimetre per minute so in my mind they were hanging down below my chin by the time I was done.

To look my best for Micky I desperately need to do something about it! Enter the epilator.

Every Mother's Day my mum gives me a gift as a way of thanking me for giving her grand kids. I can cope with that. This year she gave me a whole heap of lovely mummy stuff as well as some sort of torturous hair removal device*. Clearly she reads my blog because this device was gifted to me specifically for shaving my face. 

Are you serious!!!  You want me to slowly and painstakingly rip every hair out of my face with this thing?  But I was perfectly fine with my Nair!

Mother's Day was quite a few weeks ago and I haven't been game to de-hair since.  I keep staring at this contraption in its packet hoping it might magically turn into bath salts or lip gloss.  But I can't stare at it any longer because I look like a yowie so the beard must go.

So it's with much trepardation that I plug this thing in.

Let the weed whacking begin ...

* The device is a 2 in 1 epilator and shaver set by ModelsPrefer.  It has a shaver head, an epilator head, 2 speed settings and led light headlights** for finding fine hairs.  Anything that has headlights has got to be scary! 

** It actually says led light highlights fine hairs on the packet ... but I read "headlights" so we'll go with that. Tis already portrayed as a monster in my mind anyway.

An Epilator on the legs is bearable.  An Epiltor on the face feels like I'm getting s tattoo ... on my chin ...  30 minutes later my skin is still prickly and sensitive ... and I've only managed to clear about 2 cms.  I love the thought Mum but there's a reason they do the two in one pack ... so you can go back to shaving! Perhaps if I stick with it I will desensitise?


  1. Use mine all the time and the de-hairing lasts for weeks ... much better then Nair and waxing. You will get used to it!

  2. I remember a friend wanting an old school epilator and she wanted to use my arm as a test run. So not going to happen.

    I hope your chin is feeling much better now.


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