Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 976

Ever get that feeling that you're just running out of time?

As I prepare for my fabulous Disney trip which starts on Monday I'm also trying to finalise the edits on not one, but two books, get my new website launched and ensure everything is going to plan for the product launch which happens a week after my return.  Not to mention ensuring my school cheer squad is under control in the lead up to their first comp, and that my family are sorted. I'm feeling a little out of my tree.  All of this needs to be done today*. TODAY! And with two borrowed toddlers in tow (coz I am looking after two cuddly muppets for a friend) I think I'm going to be struggling.

I think the biggest thing about it all is the fear factor. As a control freak I need to make sure everything is under control.  I can't jump on a plane and just turn my back on it all. There are to-do lists to hand out and people to manage!

And another book to get published while I am away ...

I need to press the proverbial print button on book 2 of my new series today so that it is available at the launch in two weeks, and after the drama of the book one print run, I am freaking out.  You will recall my crap post and follow up explanation .  I don't want a repeat of that little scenario.  So with the final manuscript sitting on my desk top I have decided to send it out to three wonderful people to review it for me one last time.  Because eight eyes have got to be better than two.  The thing about novels is they're really quite good the first time you read them, and even the second, and possibly the third, but after the tenth run through they get a bit boring and you tend to go cross eyed.  That's where I am at.  Completely cross eyed and dead inside.

But it's got to be done.  Time for one last read through and a big nod to my printer and lots of finger crossing.

And then onto book three, the website and perhaps some banking, packing and a call to my mobile phone people to ensure I am contactable (and can tweet and blog) while at Disney.  Oh, and I just realised I don't have my business cards yet, my dress is still in being altered and I didn't finalise the order for my product launch banners. Crap.

Yeah, I'm definitely running out of time.


*Why does it have to be done today when I don't leave until Monday? Because my weekend is chocablock with soccer, grand opening of the new cheer gym, date night with Husband, more soccer, a birthday party, more cheer and getting the house and family to-do lists ready for my departure.   You know, the normal mummy stuff.


  1. It sounds like you're under a bit of time pressure but wow... exciting times for you! Good luck with it all!

  2. I'm firmly convinced of the fact there's not enough hours in the day! Disney trip time, though - yay! Have a fantastic time :)

  3. If any one can move mountains, it's you.

    When I went to America without my kids (similar ages that yours are now), I did the lists, double checked everyone knew the plan, then triple checked everything for good measure. I guess it made me feel better.

    But I did learn a valuable lesson in letting go. My family were going to be okay, with or without my lists. They were smart enough and competent enough to live without me for 3 weeks. Yours will be too. Have a great time. You'll be back before you know it.

  4. My days/weeks are totally crazy like this (and yes, perhaps it is because we are control freaks lol) - but nowhere near as exciting. My long to-do lists are more of the mundane variety! Good luck getting it all done - enjoy your trip!

  5. Oh honesy, you have more on your plate than I do and I have an even planning with over 500 people coming tomorrow (I really should be on the computer reading blogs!) If you're anything like me, you'll work better under pressure, prioritise and you'll get it done in the nick of time. At least I hope you will... Good luck!

  6. Go, you!!! You sound super super busy but it all sounds so exciting !
    I'm sure you'll get it all done...then you can collapse in a heap and have a stiff drink ;)

  7. Wow! I'm sure you'll get it all done. You know what they say about giving a job to a busy person... :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family and a fab trip. I'll be following your escapades!

  8. Wow Leanne you sound nearly as busy as me! :) although my reward for my busy-ness isn't walking the red carpet and going on a new's giving out 29 reports. Lol. I hope you had an incredibly productive day :) xo

  9. Thanks for your support fellow busy people. By 1.00pm I was feeling pretty chilled about it all again. I think I just got my perspective back ... at 6.00am when I was blogging it was a little bit "skewed" and overwhelming. But with the support of lots of people around me it didn't feel as heavy. There are a few things I've managed to let go (which is a pretty big step for a control freak). LOL. Happy Saturday everyone and best wishes for all your to-dos! Hope they turn into ta-das real soon.


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