Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 977

I would like you to meet Cheer Chick Charlie.

Charlie is ten years old and she knows what she wants. She totally wants to dance, and jump, and cartwheel, and leap.  Charlie wants to be a cheerleader.  But cheerleading in Australia? Is that possible? Charlie's Mum says "what may not seem possible today, could be possible tomorrow". Charlie sure hopes she's right!

That's the spiel on the back cover of book one of my new series.  This is what I have been working on for the last six months and the first two books, along with an interactive website and associated product line, will be launched on 26 June, hosted by the ACT Government. So exciting!

Can I just say, before I go too much further, that I am incredibly grateful for the support Charlie is getting from the people around me.  My Husband has been very patient and supportive during this process when at times I am completely neglecting my family and my mind has been a jumble of to-dos and ta-das. My mum has also dedicated a lot of her time working with me, as has one of my trusty cheer coaches, my graphic designer and PR rep, and members of the Australian cheerleading industry.  I have also got the school librarian volunteering her time to edit my books, along with my bestie and cousin doing more proof reading. Oh, and my mum and my mother-in-law.  Not to mention the financial support I have received from the ACT Government through their Innovation Connect program. So many wonderful hands on deck. And the best part about it all is they are doing it with enthusiasm and complete and utter belief! That is what I am most grateful for ... the fact they want to do this because they believe in Charlie and the business model behind her.  And that for me is what helps me get through days like yesterday.

So, do you want to hear more about Charlie?  Coz I'm ready to talk if you're ready to listen!! 

My aim for Charlie is to provide entertainment for primary aged kids, while at the same time giving them messages about self-belief and the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle.  There will be 20+ books in total and a free interactive website where children can go for more entertainment and information to assist with confidence, resilience, health and fitness.  The website will include fun and easy snack ideas that kids can make themselves, a fun exercise program with Charlie's Cheer Chicks, competitions and activities, the ability to email Charlie and have her email right back, information and purchase options for her books, and other products to give an entire Charlie experience.

Products include motivational wrist bands and post cards which align with the message in each book. As well as exercise gear for kids including t-shirts, shorts, sports bags and pom poms.

Charlie also has her own Facebook page, Twitter account and You Tube channel.   For more information about Charlie you can go to her holding page at and subscribe to her monthly newsletters.  The full website will go live on the 26th at the launch!

Yes, there is a lot to be grateful for in this world ... especially for me.

If you would like to spend your day in the attitude of gratitude, head on over and see Maxabella at Kidspot and their Village Voices where you'll find a whole world of grateful.


  1. Good on you, well done. It's a great area for girls and to get positive messages over to them. What a huge job for you, and lots to keep you busy for a long, long time. Off to check out Facebook page.

  2. Congrats Leanne! That's very exciting! x

  3. How exciting. I know that Girl Child is very excited about Cheer Chick Charlie. If you ever need another proof reader, you kno where I am.

  4. So excited for you. Can't wait to see it all.

  5. Maybe Cheer Chick Charlie could marry Super Aspie Boy when they grow up?

    I can live in hope.

    Well done you, you know how amazing I think you are and how proud I am to be able to call you friend.

  6. hi! just wanted to stop by and say hello! I'm your newest follower and i found you through the 52 weeks of grateful which i am doing as well but i'm doing all vlogs! (videos!) which i thought would be fun! anyways, great post, I think it's wonderful to see what everyone is thankful for cause it just makes me that much more thankful/grateful myself, so thank you!! have a great week!!


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