Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 979

Life is a highway 

Yep, and I'm gonna ride it all night long. Well, if the truth be know I'd prefer the daylight hours, but you get the idea.  

In an hour or so I'll be on the road with Derek and the kids headed for an extended family breakfast with Mum and Dad at the farm before Mum will then drive me to Sydney for my flight to LA.  It's been a really long time since I've traveled overseas on my own ... twenty years in fact. I've always had Derek, or the kids, or work colleagues by my side.  I am feeling both excited and nervous about it. Excited because I am about to embark on an experience I've only ever dreamed about, and nervous because I am on a plane (a big heavy beast suspended in the air) heading towards a brand new situation without my team by my side.

But mostly I'm excited because I am being flown across the other side of the world at someone else's expense so I can write about the greatest slice of kid-nom on the planet. And I get to do it without having to carry someone else's bags, include extra snacks, clean up their airsickness vomit, or answer "are we there yet?" questions. I mean seriously, what can get better than that?!!

I love my life ...

Here's some Rascal Flatts from the original Cars movie to get your Monday off and running driving.


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  1. Have an awesome time, Leanne!

  2. Woot!

    PS THAT song was our Contiki theme song TWENTY years ago!


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