Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 980

Hello LA

I’m here! Woot woot.
My Room Key!
With a combination of driving, checking in, waiting, immigration, waiting, flying, waiting (we had a transit through Auckland), more flying, immigration, customs and yet more waiting, a bus ride and more waiting, I entered my hotel room 27 hours after leaving the house.   And I’m feeling relatively fresh, considering I’ve had 3 hours cat nap and I feel like I swallowed an Oompa Loompa.

 For whatever reason I tend to blow up like a balloon when travelling long haul flights. I swear I put on 2 kg in flight with one kilo going to my Cabbage Patch doll face and the other planted in my cankles and the blocks of wood which used to be feet. This time isn't as bad as some  (she says as she types lying on the floor with laptop against her legs which are up the wall to encourage the fluid to fall from her ankles). The bad news is I’ll probably carry this extra fluid around with me for the entire week just in time to add to it on the return flight.  But as far as long haul cattle class flights are concerned, my New Zealand Airlines journey was definitely one of the better ones.  The seats seemed a little small (or was that my imagination?) but the in flight entertainment options more than made up for it.

Yep, New Zealand Airlines has been quite pleasant, from the friendly lady at the check in counter at Sydney Airport to our lovely “escort” Quinten who I met in New Zealand during transit.  The only bugger about it all is that apparently I was invited into the New Zealand Airlines lounge in Sydney but no one had told me about it.  So while the rest  of the group met each other for a few drinks and something to eat before departure, I was wandering around with the plebs in the public waiting lounge.  This piece of Deep Fried Fruit wanted the posh option! Oh well, the lounge would have probably added another kilo to my fluid retention so it probably wasn’t a bad thing.

Right now (besides writing to you with my legs in the air) I am getting myself settled at the Disneyland Hotel.  Check out the view from my bedroom! That's the pool behind me.
Got to run. Time to meet the group for dinner.  Have a great day! Hope  it's magical ...


  1. Oh yay, Leanne! I'm so pleased you have arrived safely. I feel your pain re: the swelling. I've been known to lay on the floor with my legs up the wall after a long haul flight too. I hope you feel more comfortable soon. If not, just go float in that pool!

  2. Looks great! Pity about the Air NZ lounge option .. make the most of it on the return leg.


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