Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 981

My Disney Adventure

I am now officially part of the international media! Got the lanyard and enormous press pass to prove it. Woot woot! I feel incredibly posh and important. But holy shit these famils* are bloody exhausting!

So what does an international press familiarisation tour of Disney involve? 

I'm glad you asked.

Well, we met this morning at 8.00am for our walk across to Disneyland for breakfast with the Disney characters.  We were hanging out with Captain Hook (dirty bugger), some dude from The Lion King, Chip n Dale, and Goofy's son Max (did you know Goofy had a son? News to me) when Minnie walked in to a rock star reception.  I think I squealed the loudest.  What a megastar that chick is. She was closely followed by Tigger who I was equally excited about.  (Mind you, I found him a bit frisky ... I think he tried to hump my leg.) 

Booking a breakfast somewhere with the Disney characters is definitely the best way to get up close and personal with your suited Disney friends.  We were at the Plaza Inn on Main Street, but Goofy's Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel is apparently just as good (I think that's where we are eating tomorrow). Each and every one of them took the time to be photographed with people at the restaurant which makes for a very magical experience.

After stuffing my face with waffles, deep fried bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns and French toast, we were taken on a tour of the Disney park by our wonderful Disney Australia host, Mr Sean Harrigan (Director of Sales and Marketing).  He gave us all the facts we needed, and even some we didn't, about all the lands and what they are all about. 

We wandered through Main Street USA, New Orleans Square, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fanasyland and Tomorrowland**.  It's pretty cool getting the inside knowledge on the park and it is even cooler when he organised to fast track us on some of the rides.  Given we were just getting a feel for the joint we didn't have too many rides today, but we had enough to awaken the inner child in all of us.  Pirates of the Caribbean was a good one, as well as the Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and (my favourite for the day) the newly refurbished Star Tours virtual 3D ride.  I am looking forward to doing Indiana Jones and Space Mountain tomorrow. I hope to get Fast Track tickets for them as well.

At lunch time a few of us headed back to the hotel pool for an hour long "Mai Tai and splat" session before meeting up with the group again for the official media tour of Downtown Disney.  We were meeted and greeted, and wined and dined*** by the very pleasant staff of many of the stores and eateries, including ESPN, Tortilla Joe's, Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, Build-a-Bear (my absolute favourite), WonderGround (brand new art gallery opened just this week), RIDEMAKERZ, Uva Bar, House of Blues and La Brea Bakery.  It was all a bit too much to take in so I'll be doing some You Tube videos on some of the venues in the next few weeks. (If only I can work out this new version of Movie Maker I downloaded before I left. Hmmm ....)

After the touring was done it was time for a quick freshen up before we all went to the official press dinner with Disney executives.  I have to say, the food was the best we've eaten since we've been in the US with loads of salad and vegetables, as well as some sensational desserts. The pants I was wearing were loose on me a week ago ... they're pretty damn snug right now.  Hmmmm.

I type this sitting on the bed with my legs elevated again on account of my cankles returning. My poor ol' head is looking a bit swollen as well.  I am sure my inner child is actually a Cabbage Patch doll.  I am hoping a good night sleep and plenty of water might help cleanse me of these extra kilos so I am beautiful and fresh for the red carpet tomorrow night.

That's all from me today peeps.  I'll be up and at 'em early tomorrow morning for more Disney adventures and the excitement of the Grand Opening! I can't wait!

*Do you like my media lingo there? I am on a "famil" which is the jargon alternative to "press junket". I feel very important using the official slang.

**We've still got to see Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown.

*** I know the vocab is wrong but it rhymes and sounds cool. And can I just say the mocktails were all non alcoholic which was incredibly disappointing. I don't normally condone middle of the day alcoholism but come on ...I'm on a sojourn without kids ... I don't have any responsibilities ... give me a nip of something!


  1. Sounds like your having an amazing time, we want to here the r rated really fun stuff too, not just the pg :)

  2. LOL Michelle! It's Disney.I don't think there is an R rating (blush)

  3. Tigger might help with that Michelle, lol.

    OMG Leanne, this is so exciting. Loved this blog post, felt like I was there. So happy all is going well, can't wait to keep reading future entries. Disneyland is the best!


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