Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 982

Tonight is the official opening of Cars Land

Can you believe I'll be beside the red carpet tonight?  Or perhaps on it?! I'm not sure which. The big question of the moment is - Which stars do you think are likely to attend?

We've been quizzing Sean as to which stars have been invited and he is being very closed lipped about it ... given we're the media and all ...he can't chance the fact that we may ruin the surprise for everyone else.

He did say that Owen Wilson will not be attending (bugger) so no jumping on men for me this trip. So we've been trying to work out who might be involved.  Other than Disney stars I am thinking they will invite Hollywood celebs with kids.  What do you think?

My money is on David Beckham and his brood. Could you imagine that?  Did I say no jumping on men this trip? I might have to add a proviso that if Becks is involved I will have to launch myself at him.  I mean, he's my main man at the mo given he is the face of the London Olympics and part of the Samsung Global Blogger advertising.  He and I are old mates (by Samsung Global blogger association). 

I am also hoping that my best friend Tori (Spelling) will be there.  Perhaps Will Smith and his clan?  Or is he too Nickelodeon for Disney?

But other than that, who do you think might be there? 

Get your votes in. 

Only six hours and we'll find out.

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  1. I think you're right about celebs with kids. Although the great thing about Disneyland is it is perfect for any age. Sorry to hear about Owen. Bet he's kicking himself now! Say a big 'hey' to Tori. I love her! Just read all 3 of her self bio books, and (big excitement) just rented the first Tori & Dean at their Inn series from the public library - awesome!

    You will shine on the red carpet Hon. You are doing an amazing job. Have fun. Write again soon!!!


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