Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 986 - Downtown Disney

People watching at Downtown Disney.

Cars Land Grand Opening - Downtown Disney
I have the Jazz Kitchen behind me and Tortilla Joe's to the front. The House of Blues and the Build-a-Bear Workshop are to my right, with the brand new Wonderground Gallery over my right shoulder. If I look to the left I see the Disneyland Hotel in the distance with the Lego store with its huge Lego dragon striking a formidable pose in the middle. Small street stalls selling henna tattoos, princess photos, hats and more are in the foreground. If I stay here long enough I will see the mono rail as it makes its way around the Disneyland Resort.

I am under a tree with a gentle breeze nudging my hair on this glorious blue sky day.  Everywhere I look I see people - individuals, pairs, families and children.  Most people are smiling with just the occasional "I'm too tired" tantrum.  You can tell who have been here for a few days, and those who are on day one. The newbies are freshly dressed with neat hair and have a look of awe and anticipation about them.  The day two folks are wearing sensible shoes and portray an air of confidence and purpose. The week long travellers look plain bloody crumbled and tired and don't give a toss about their hair.  I'm in the latter category. 

Downtown Disney gives a sense of relaxation and peace.  While it's still very upbeat, the layout and gardens are designed to give a meandering tranquility. It's the place you go for quiet drink or relaxed shopping.

I can't think of a better way to spend the last morning of my Disney adventure.

A full description and You Tube report will be done on Downtown Disney over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Here are some photos in the mean time.
Cars Land Grand Opening - People Watching
Cars Land Grand Opening - People Watching - Lego Store

Cars Land Grand Opening - People watching - Tortilla Joes


  1. Looks as wonderful as always. Laughed at your description of first timers vs the weekers. Wonders what that made the kids and are ten days, lol. Disney has a wonderful way of getting in your blood. It truly is magical. Wish they would open one in Australia (even on a smaller scale if necessary - now that you're all buddy buddy with the Disney peeps, maybe you can get the ball rolling) ;-)

    Happy travels home. Bet husband and kids can't wait to see you xx

    1. Kids & I after ten days* IPhone auto correct strikes again


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