Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 989 - Lunch time cheat

School lunches

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Some days I just can't be stuffed piling on all the salad and meat and mayonnaise onto the family lunches, so I cheat and just serve up Vegemite sandwiches.  Slap on the butter, scrape on a bit of the black stuff and whack it in the lunch box.  Then I get the guilts so I pretend I've gone to a little bit of effort by using a cookie cutter to turn their lunch into a great big sandwich of love.  And the up side for the kids is I'm not making them eat their crusts ....

What lunch time gems do you have up your sleeve?

This snack idea will eventually be featured in Charlie's Lunch Box at  Launch date next Tuesday night 26 June. 

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  1. Love your work!

    Also excited that you had such a great time OS!!

    SSG xxx


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