Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 992 - The Perfect Dress

Looking good is the best revenge. 
You’re probably hoping for a great big juicy story of drama, intrigue, injustice and subsequent revenge.  Nah.  Not my style. That’s just the tag line on my shopping bag for the purchases I made at Revenge in the Queen Victoria Building yesterday. 

Yesterday we got a train into the city from the airport (which was as crowded as all buggery and confirmed my fear of trains), and disembarked at St James to walk down an equally crowded Market Street to our workshop venue.  The thing is, we were an hour early so we popped into the lovely QVB where we went underground searching for a decent chai latte*. 

I found a very watery version which was a bit sad but the chai was quickly forgotten when I spied Revenge.  There was a gorgeous dress in the window and a big sign advising nothing over $49.95.  I was in like Flynn. My male colleague graciously looked after the bags (and the watery chai) while I set about trying on clothes.
Now, I’m not really a shopper. By that I mean I don’t plan to go shopping. I am very happy with my wardrobe and don’t feel the need to add to it very often.  But I am an “opportunistic shopper” so if I have a spare half hour and the shop is right there (and the price is decent) I’ll go to town. 
The lovely lady at Revenge was such a delight**.  I told her I had my book and product launch next week and I needed a new frock so she got a feel for my style preference and kept bringing me in dresses.  I could have shopped til I dropped. I worked up a bloody good sweat but with my colleague waiting outside (and very little room on the credit card) I parted ways after two dresses and one pair of jeans and only $120 worse off! And with such a perceptive and forward thinking fashion consultant asking me about my launch and my business, I mayhave picked up a new client in the process.  Gotta be happy with that.
If you’re in the QVB and want a nice shopping experience I can recommend Revenge.  It’s on the ground floor right near Nine West and T2 and opposite Kikki K and Guess. Ask for Shabnam*** and tell her Leanne sent you.
Photos of the launch including me in my fabulous frock will be available next week.
*The best chai of the day was actually at the newly refurbished Qantas Club lounge at Canberra Airport. Could possibly have been the best chai latte I have ever had!

**I mentioned my wonderful Revenge experience to our workshop participant who suggested that good customer service in Sydney is often “hit and miss” so she was delighted my jaunt was of the hit variety.  
 ***Shabnam means dew drop in her language which coincidentally is what Tahlia (apparently) means in Hebrew.  Between that and the dresses, it was a truly bonding experience.


  1. Cant wait to see you in your fab new frock, you got some good bargains there. It always help to have an honest assistant helping you, sadly it doesnt happen often enough.

  2. I love shopping in the QVB :) And it's so true about the "hit and miss" of customer service in Sydney! Can't believe you ended up being on a first name basis with your retail assistant! Lol! Too cute! Look forward to seeing the frock! :)

  3. She was an absolute delight! A big A for customer service. Looking forward to showing you my frock :) Hope it looks as good on as those Revenge mirrors (and our lovely assistant) told me ...


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