Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 993 - Please let me sleep!

Can I sleep in yet?

I wish this signage applied to me but sadly it does not.  Well, not this weekend anyway.  But that's ok, this is the life I've created and I guess I wouldn't exchange it for anything else.  Or would I?

Yesterday was a get up and go sort of day because even though it was my Saturday morning it was still Friday arvo in the US so I got up early to "communicate" with my publisher.  Yep, I still don't have that box of books and I am getting more and more fascinated by that every day. I usually love a good challenge but this one is starting to seriously shit me ...

I also had to help Husband get out the door for his big day of golf and secret squirrels as he kept his best friend busy prior to his surprise 50th birthday party.  Plus of course I had Darby's soccer which was a highlight with our little man having a great game, scoring a penalty goal and assisting with another.  The rest of the day was spent packaging up merchandise for my launch and attending the birthday celebrations. 

Today I am up before the sparrows again because my school cheer squad has it's first competition of the year, and although I am no longer coaching I am going to help muster the kidlets and support them and their coaches as they compete.  I am feeling very tired given I didn't get to bed until 11pm. Which for me is extremely"I'm turning into a sewer rat" kind of late. 

But I reckon if I can get through this week I might be able to reward myself with that sign up there next weekend.  

Perhaps ...


  1. I hope you get that sleep in soon.

  2. Thanks E. How are you doing? I've been neglecting my bloggy pals a bit with all this other carry on going on in my world. Will catch up with you real soon!


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