Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 995 - Nerves

I don't often get nervous but today I have butterflies.

When my little cheerleaders head to their first competition I talk to them about their butterflies.  We discuss the feelings in their tummy, the thoughts in their head, and the way their body responds to nerves.  Some kids are a bundle of excitement which is hard to contain, others are full of fear and self doubt and can be in tears in the lead up, others go quiet and almost become void.  The one thing they can all relate to is those butterflies in the stomach.  So it's the butterflies I latch onto when helping them through their nerves.

I tell them the butterflies feel a bit odd, and their constant flapping can make you feel a bit sick, but we need those butterflies to help us perform at our best. Everyone has butterflies before they perform.  Even Olympic athletes, and actors, and big business men.  But it's the butterflies that help give us energy.  Our butterflies help us dance better, tumble faster and jump higher! Butterflies give us wings ....

So today I am going to try and take some of my own advice and harness my butterflies to help me soar.   I'm off to find myself a very big net ...

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*Image from www.butterflyutopia.com 


  1. A little bit of nerves is good, I always take it to mean something is important to you. I hope you have a wonderful day & of course it will be a fabulous launch. Good on you!!!

  2. Best of luck with the launch!

    You've worked so hard, it will be a brilliant success, Leanne!

    SSG xxx

  3. Thanks peeps. I really appreciate your support. Eeeeeek


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