Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 996 - Launched!

Cheer Chick Charlie is now alive and thriving! 

After a hectic, slightly challenging and quite a nerve wracking couple of days, Cheer Chick Charlie is now launched and alive through her books, website and product line. Wow! As you can imagine I am exhausted.

After a year in the making, and 6 months worth of head-down-bum-up action, Charlie is now officially part of the world.

Yesterday I woke up with butterflies which then turned into full on buzzing bees, which then required a few "prayers" to the porcelain gods as I threw up all my breakfast allowing the tummy insects to escape. I then walked through most of the day in shock at the prospect of months of hard work finally being brought to fruition.  It wasn't until the guests started arriving last night that my mojo returned and I was able to feel a sense of excitement and celebration.

In usual Deep Fried style the event was not without its challenges.  I often say "I love a good challenge" which is a statement I may need to rethink, because as a result the challenges are constantly being thrown in my direction.  It started with the fact that on launch day I was still without book two of the series, and its matching wrist band.  Relief was near when book two was deposited on my table at around 10.00am, but that soon turned to dismay as I discovered the title pages were the wrong colour*. Cue the insect regurgitation.  I then spent the rest of the day trying to track down the wrist bands which finally arrived at around 2.30pm - just in time for my 3.30 departure.  There was no time to photograph the book two pack to include in website launch ... that's a job for another day .... we would have to run without it.

With Mum and Derek preparing the nibbles in our family kitchen, the Cheer Chicks getting their hair and makeup done in our bathroom, and Eric (my MC) writing speech notes in the spare bedroom, Dad and I left the house to get the venue set up.   Balloons, table cloths, bain maries, bar, signage, poms, and a merchandise table were all set up in record time with very little sweat involved.

The first guests arrived at 5.30pm and from there I don't remember a lot! I recall meeting and greeting people, watching the lovely cheer chicks in their Charlie ambassador roles, clapping as the girls entertained the crowd and blushing as Eric gave his speech. I vaguely recall getting out there and giving my own epic Oscars style speech before my trusty PR rep (and website/graphic designer) then took the floor to officially send the website live.

And it doesn't matter how many times you trial these bloody things IT always has a way of sticking its index finger up at you.  Due to a weak internet signal the website did not perform as requested as we did the big 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ..... countdown.  So it was with a bit of creative licence that we quickly had the cheerleaders do some more tumbles and flips while the internet got its act together.  And then BINGO the website was live and the champagne was flowing.

So that's it! Charlie is now out there people and she's ready to meet you.  I would love for you to check it out. 

In the meantime I have to go and do my hair and make up for the local Canberra media.  I've got someone coming to my house in one hour to do a profile piece so I'd better get out of my PJs and Uggs and get something a little more stylish on.

Happy Wednesday! 

My parents

Some of the launch crowd
The Langdown Family - my team

*This challenge may have already turned into an opportunity. Tahlia made a suggestion which we may be able to carry on through our future books.  What was a vomitous moment may in fact be pure inspiration!


  1. What an incredible experience you are making such a difference to people's lives starting from the young ones up you should be very proud of yourself, I can see you are beaming :) Well done little Charlie rocks x

  2. Leanne, this is inspirational! What an amazing achievement. x

  3. Thanks Kelly. Lots and lots of hard work but so worth it. Still a long road ahead, but phase one is complete :)

  4. Congratulations! Well done on the launch and rolling with the challenges.

  5. Thanks E! The challenges continue (LOL) and we're still rolling with them. All this rolling makes you tired!

  6. Congratulations on the launch! What an amazing achievement! Looks like you had a great night too! Love Cheer Chicks ;)


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