Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 998 - The Lounge

Today we're going to talk about airport comfort.

I got spoiled when I went on my Disney trip because Air New Zealand gave us all access to their Koru Club Lounge and now when I got to the airport I want free food, free champagne, clean toilets, free magazines, a shower if I want it and comfortable seats. Travelling with other business associates means I also get to piggy back off them when travelling domestically and often get inside the Qantas Club. It's kinda nice. But is it worth a few hundred dollars a year?

Derek and I are getting ready for a parents only trip to Vegas.  Actually, we're hijacking somebody else's holiday for an excuse to get away by ourselves and so that I can hang with my bestie for the first time in almost four years. Yep, we're meeting Cathy and Mike and a few of their mates for a week of resort time, night life and shopping.  So we've been trying to work out the best value for money when it comes to airline choice, frequent flyer points and lounge options.

We've never bothered with airline memberships because to be honest, we never stick to the one airline. Who would we choose?  When we book travel we usually go with best fare of the day. To Hawaii it is Jet Star, for USA it's usually United, and around Australia we go with either Qantas or Virgin depending on cost.  Internationally we'd love to choose Qantas but they are just too bloody expensive! In searching for flights to Vegas we have the choices of United Airlines for around $1300 p/p, Delta Airlines $1,400 p/p, Virgin Australia $1,600 p/p, Air New Zealand $1,600 p/p, Qantas $2,200 p/p, Hawaiian Airlines $2,400 p/p, American Airlines $2,500 p/p or US Airways $2,900 p/p.  How insane is that! You can literally save thousands and thousands on a family trip.

Velocity Club in Sydney
So if we were to decide on an airport comfort approach to life, who would we choose?  The cost of Qantas internationally is just too ridiculous so there goes our Qantas Club options there. United is a great price but is extremely budget in-flight (which we usually don't mind due to the significant savings), and I'm not sure how much longer their aging aircraft can stay in the sky.  Plus what's the point of a United lounge when we only use them once every few years?  Air New Zealand is looking good, and had lovely service, but going via Auckland all the time would wear a bit thin, and again, we can't fly with them domestically. So we are thinking that Virgin might be the go!

Husband is looking into Velocity membership today. We need to see how it all transfers internationally and what rewards they offer with the whole FF issue. Plus, do they have their own lounges everywhere, and if not, who do they share with?

Lots to think about in my first world life*.  And yes, I am seriously spoiled.

* I would like to support Virgin because of their leadership approach to the environment, sustainability and supporting those less privileged than us.   


  1. I avoid United. Kind of like the plague. Their flights are, er, flighty. Which is to say, you never know if you're actually going to go somewhere. I'm not sure if internationally they have the same issues as they do with domestic flights, but domestically, they are not known for their reliability.

    Good luck with the hunt.

  2. Good advice Drafty. Flighty is a good word. They are just so cheap! I guess you get what you pay for.

  3. Good advice Drafty. Flighty is a good word. They are just so cheap! I guess you get what you pay for.


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