Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 1000 - Party time!

It's official. I've been blogging every single day for 1000 days!!

Woot woot!!! Party party party party party.   And it just so happens it falls on my favourite day. Happy Sunday! 

That's 1000 log-ons, 1000 posts, 1000 blog titles, 1000 blurbs, 1000 morning chatters, 1000 brain dumps, 1000 whinges or words of wisdom, 1000 days of being 40.  One thooooouuuuuusand!!

So what does one do to celebrate 1000? Well it starts with bacon and eggs in bed.  And then it progresses to a blog post, twitter-fest (#DFF1000) and Facebook shout out.

And given this big 1000 milestone falls on the same week as the Charlie launch it progresses to a Charlie give away!!  Well, a celebration wouldn't be a celebration without gifts.

In celebration of my daily bloggy commitment and in gratitude for my readers, I would like you to be one of the first in the world to see Cheer Chick Charlie up close and personal.

I have three Cheer Chick Charlie book packs to give away which includes the first book, motivational wrist band and postcard all packaged and gift wrapped.

If you'd like the chance to win one, all you have to do is tell me (via comment, email, text, tweet or Facebook comment) what is making you cheer this week.  The competition is open to Australians and closes on Sunday 8 July.

Happy 1000 to me, happy 1000 to me, happy 1000 dear meeeeee, happy 1000 to me.

And Happy Sunday to you! Woot woot.


  1. Happy 1000 days!! Congrats on your milestone. :)


  2. Thanks Kristyn! I am enjoying reading your Red Carpet Closet and about getting up close (and personal) with the lovely Matthew McC!!

  3. I cant believe you blog every single day, somedays I dont even want to crawl out of bed nevermind turn the computer on! Now thats commitment :) I would love to win your book what a great prize thank you.
    This week Im cheering for being recognised at work with a promotion after working my butt of for a long time its so good to be rewarded for my hard work.

  4. That's definitely cheer worthy Michelle! And blogging MAKES me get out of bed of a morning ... sometimes at bloody 5am in fact. I often question my commitment ...

  5. Happy Sunday, Happy 1000 posts and Happy Launch week those are all things worth cheering about.

  6. Thanks E! Is your little princess ready for book two?

  7. Congrats on the 1000th post Leanne. I'm amazed that you can manage to fit in a blog post every day. You really have a lot to say don't you? ;-)

  8. We have winners! Boomerang Jane, Jarrah Jungle and Jenny N (from Facebook). Yay!!!


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