Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 1001 - London Calling

The winners have been announced for the Samsung Global Blogger competition!  Will I be going to London to blog about the Olympic games?

Back in April my lovely cousin Estelle forwarded me a link for a bloggy comp where you had to upload a 30 second video telling the judges why you'd be the best person to report at the London games.  I remember getting the email while we were in Noosa and had a day to get my video together once we got home.  

Tahlia was my official videographer and we whipped something together one Saturday afternoon.  It was fairly basic stuff. It's bloody hard getting your message across in 30 seconds (well for me anyway ... as you can gather by my 1001 blog posts ... I talk A LOT), so you can imagine my surprise when I made it to the finals.

Yep, on Mothers' Day I woke up to an email telling me I had made it to the next round and that I had to now do another 30 second video reporting at an event in my local community. It could be a sporting event, festival, markets. I just had to be able to convey the atmosphere to the judges.

It just so happens I was on my way out the door for the Mothers' Day Classic Fun Run that very morning. I was taking the school cheerleaders to the event to motivate and encourage the runners.  (No, I wasn't running myself ... been there, done that and have no plans to do it again. I learned that I seriously dislike running ... and so do my knees.) So I grabbed my camera and with no script and no idea as to what "angle" to take Tahlia and I again shot footage for another 30 second video.

Over the following three weeks I kept hoping a more exciting and inspiring event might pop up so that I could re-shoot with more of a plan. But it seemed Canberra had shut down for the winter so the Mothers' Day Fun Run was it.  A worthy cause. I submitted my entry.

Since that time I half heartedly promoted myself, and people have been going in and viewing and supporting me.  Also since that time the Husband and I have booked a trip to Vegas the week the Olympics will be opening. I figured I could fly directly from Vegas to London if I had to. Besides, I had decided that me getting the Global Samsung Blogger gig would be a long shot. And it would also be a bit tricky. Could I seriously drop everything to participate in a blogger boot camp in the lead up to the games with my Charlie launch and a business to run, and could I really leave my family AGAIN for two weeks while the Olympics was on? But what a great opportunity! Seriously, who would pass it up? But if I didn't win, that would be ok too coz I already have so much.

I was conflicted and leaving it to the Blog Gods to make the right decision.

And they have ...

I have not received an official email from Samsung yet, but I did go in and take a look last night.

The winners have been announced.

I am not one of them.

Oh well.  To win would have been selfish right? I mean, after the Disney trip and all. But I am very very VERY proud to be known as a Samsung Global Blogger finalist. Out of thousands of entries from all around the world I made it to the top 100.  That's really cool.  And the best news is I still get to do the Vegas trip with Husband and spend time with my bestie who I haven't seen for almost four years.  Then I get to come straight home to my beautiful kids who I will have missed far too much.

Thanks Samsung! It was a great experience.  The Aussies you have chosen are VERY deserving of the prize. I look forward to seeing their reports from London!

My original entry

 My finals entry

Don't forget to help me celebrate my 1000 days of blogging.  For your chance to win one of my books just let me know what is making you cheer this week. Competition closes midnight Sunday 8 July. 

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