Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 1002 - Ankle Biters

Something is biting my ankles. Are my Ugg boots turning against me?

For the last week I have had very itchy ankles which is spreading and is turning into a bumpy rash and it is driving me mental! It's actually keeping me up at night.  Last night I was up from 11.30pm - 1.30am trying fungal cream, then Savlon, ice packs and finally I went outside in the -5C temp and got some aloe vera from the garden and rubbed that on. That soothed me enough to get back to sleep.

The crazy thing is it's isolated to the lower sock/Ugg wearing region. It's not going onto the foot nor is it going up the shin/calf ... it's staying around the ankles ... both ankles. And it gets worse if I am wearing socks and particularly when I am in my Uggs. And a hot bath or shower ... forget it! The rash becomes red and white welts.

Of course I talked to Professor Google and asked his expert opinion. He came up with possible side effects to Crohn's disease (yikes!), scabbies (Eeek!), fleas or dust mites.  Have I got gremlins living in my Ugg boots?  Can you imagine if my uggies have given me crabs?!  Dirty tarts. Off to the chemist ...

Image borrowed from http://17barks.blogspot.com.au 


  1. I have no idea if this is a good solution or not, but a jar of Chickweed Gel (not cream) is suppose to do wonders to get itchy hives to go away. Seems to work for my daughter, so if it's not fleas and it happens again, it may be worth having a jar on hand. (Can purchase at any health food store.)

  2. Wow! That's cool. Thanks for that insight. Will add it to my list.


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