Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 1003 - The Home Office

I want my dining table back! 

Deep Fried Home Office
Remember a few months back when I had a big Sunday woot woot session because, despite the fact we didn't get our "dream home", my Husband and I had made a decision to build on to our current house so that we had a home office?  Well, it turns out that's not going to happen any time soon. Sigh. When I make a decision I like to run with it but Husband needs to think about it for a few years*.  Which is ok, it takes him a while to be convinced.  So we'll bide our time (and our money) until we see how business is going first.

Smart thinking (I guess). So I came up with another plan to get me off the dining table.

Deep Fried "Library" perhaps?
Deep Fried Fireplace
Our lounge room has a lovely big centrally placed fireplace with a window on either side looking out the front of our house and across to the Brindabella mountains in the distance.  To the right is Derek's antique** wood desk with matching wooden filing cabinet and a foosball table. To the left we have a dodgy looking second hand book case.  In the middle of the floor are two lounges, a corner table and an ottoman.  Well, my idea is to replace the dodgy second hand book case with a second hand "antique" desk and wooden filing cabinet of my own to mirror Derek's set up, get a new lovely big book case for the back wall, and call the lounge room a library! We could turn our lounge room into a very posh and old fashioned study/library.

How does that sound?  I think that is a great temporary fix.*** 

Husband thinks it's  goer to so he's been doing some investigating. After heading off to the furniture shops and not loving the options, he started digging around the internet for some more second hand stuff.  You know, something with a life before us ... a back story.  And to cut a long story short, today we are heading off to the Mexican Ambassadors house to look at a desk that apparently used to belong to the Mexican President.  Holy crap!! The Mexican President? I question why an ex-Mexican President would be in Australia, or if he's not physically here why they would cart his desk across the globe and then sell it, but I am sure I will get the full story today.  Regardless, if the desk actually matches our decor then we'll have some good dinner conversation at the first dinner party I organise on my newly cleared dining table. And if it doesn't match our decor then we'll start looking again. Either way, I may have lift off ...

An update: Refer yesterday's post about ankle biters - Chemist thinks it's more likely to be dermatitis than scabbies. Phew! Got the cream and slept well last night. 

* We've talked about building a room under the house for 12 years.  Hasn't happened yet. 

**I know nothing about antiques but we bought this thing second hand about 10 years ago and the advertisement said it was antique so I'm assuming it is. 

*** Temporary could turn out to be 6 months or 16 years. The definition is fuzzy at our place. Note: This new solution won't change the need to do the packaging at the dining table but we have promised to pack away the packaging stuff so that our beautiful Tasmanian Oak 12 seater table returns to its dining glory. 


  1. If its no luck at the Mexican Embassy, keep your eyes peeled on the American Emassy, Brit & Canadian High Commissions as they often have furniture sales (silent written auction, can get good stuff cheaply). They usually place an ad in paper. They sell off old or excess furniture that changes with the differing needs of heads of missions etc.

  2. Sounds great! Thanks Boomerang Jane. The Mexican desk was a no go. A bit too beat up for my liking. I mean, I understand the concept and value of antiques but I'm seriously not going to buy something that I then have to pay to get spruced up. (Coz I definitely won't be doing it myself.) Back to the drawing board (or dining table in my case)

  3. Ha ha. No doubt the perfect desk will come along.


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