Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 1005 - Celebrate

I woke up to this Facebook status from Richard Branson:

"It's important to celebrate all of your achievements - and remember to love what you are doing."

I couldn't agree more Richard.  I couldn't agree more ....

Today is Friday, the perfect day to celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small, by looking at the week that was.  
Monday:  I had my lesson on how to update and manage my new websites.  Win! and

Monday: I started helping choreograph a new level 1 cheer routine with one of the school coaches to help her out. Between us we created something pretty damn respectable. Win!

Monday: I took Tahlia to the physio to chat about her sore foot and achilles. It seems it hurts sometimes and not others and there is no evidence of an ankle injury.  We found out she actually had an old pelvis injury (from about 9-12 months ago) which means one leg is now longer than the other causing jarring of that foot and ankle during cheerleading practise.  It also explains why for the last year she has had a "slumped" posture which was driving us all mad.  She physically couldn't engage her tummy muscles! We are now on the road to getting it all sorted. Win!

Tuesday: I was due to have a networking morning tea with a group of local business women but the event was cancelled which gave me a free morning. Win!

Tuesday: I spent time tying up some loose ends in the home office and playing round with my new websites. I even got time on the couch during the afternoon. Win! 

Tuesday: Husband came home and declared we were all going to the Club for dinner. Win!

Wednesday: I had to facilitate a morning workshop but the numbers were so few that we decided to combine it with the same workshop scheduled for the next day. Attendees were happy with that approach and I ended up having a spare few hours. So I went and picked up the rest of my 2000 copies of book two and also went and looked at furniture stores. Win! 

Wednesday: Derek and I went to the house of the Mexican Embassy official (it wasn't the Ambassadors house after all) to look at the desk that used to belong to an ex-Mexican President. It was a lovely desk but a little too beaten up for my liking and not quite the right colour. So walked away with our money still in our pocket. When we got home Derek found another pre-loved desk which was just what we are looking for! Better than the Mexican one and for half the price. Win! 

Wednesday: I discovered that my profile piece on Cheer Chick Charlie was in the City News (yay) plus I had a coaching session with the school cheer squad and they behaved beautifully and performed well.  NSW may have lost the state of origin, but being in a local magazine, and having 11 year old cheerleaders back in my life made up for it. Win! 

Thursday: The combined morning workshop worked a treat with some good energy in the room and some great outcomes.  Win!

Thursday: I got to spend a whole lot of time on the couch in the afternoon and even had a Nanna Nap to recharge the batteries. Win!

Thursday:  Chaired a champagne infused Cheer Committee meeting which was full of celebration and positive forward movement.  Plus I sold some Cheer Chick Charlie books in the process. Win! 

Friday:  What's on for today? Well it starts with a meeting and will then head into an administration session for cheerleading so that we can finalise our entries for an upcoming competition.  Then I have some to-dos which I hope to turn into ta-das in the home office.  Then we've got Chelsea and Pat coming for dinner and an early night.  I may even manage a Saturday sleep in. Win!

Thanks Richard Branson for reminding me to celebrate the week that was.  The wins are everywhere (you've just got to know where to look). 

PS If you don't enjoy what you are doing then try bringing joy to what you are doing.  It's amazing what a happiness injection can do for you and the people around you, plus it helps open the mind to the opportunities that are just around the corner. 


  1. I agree with Richard too... celebrate success! :-)
    New follower via FYBF!

  2. Love it! Now you can kick back, relax and just enjoy the weekend. Here's to celebrating successes!


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