Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 1008 - Handbags and Hair Stuff

Happy Monday, happy school holidays, happy new handbag, happy good hair day ...

New Colette Deep Fried handbag
Yes, it's Monday and there are plenty of reasons to be happy. For me at least.  To begin with, I am starting the week with a brand new ENORMOUS handbag from Colette*.  Look at the size of this thing! I just couldn't resist this purchase and justified it because of the sheer functionality of the handbag.  I can use it as a brief case alternative (my laptop fits in there), it's a great "going shopping" handbag to stash all my purchases, and it will blend in nicely in Vegas as either a "I'm off to the pool" tote or a "this gambling gig is getting serious" bag to stash my thousands. Well, maybe not that second one as I don't actually gamble, but I can pretend!

Is it possible to love handbags too much? 

Yesterday I admitted that receiving the Colette emails actually make me salivate, but letting me near the doors of her shop sent me into overdrive. I was like a kid in a lollie shop.  And seriously, look at the display table at the front door .... it actually looked like a lollie shop! No wonder I drool. I had every intention of getting myself that yellow bag I showed you yesterday, but instead of my "it's cold I want a burst of colour" hat, I put my practical hat on and bought something I could use on a regular basis.
Deep Fried shopping trip - Colette (LOVE)

Cheers to fabulous winter hair! 

While I'm here shouting about yummy stuff I need to show you the stash I got from Herbal Essences** a few weeks ago.  All of these lovely products were sent to me to trial as a Fit Fabulous (and slightly fatigued) 40+ year old. It's part of their range to help combat the winter blues.  I am very much looking forward to checking out the anti-frizz stuff given frizz is my big hair challenge in life.  I'm going to take that little bundle to Vegas with me to try in the heat.  As for the "tousle me softly" range I thought I might give that to Miss Tween to trial. Tahlia has gorgeous long hair that can be worn straight or tousled.  She's the perfect candidate for some tousling.  As for the "anti-breakage" stuff I figured Chelsea might like to give that a go given she has such fine hair that had years of bleach.  Plus these Canberra frosts and sub-zero temps can do bad things to fine hair. So keep an eye out for the posts I'll be doing for Herbal Essences in the next few weeks because I'm pretty sure there will be hair care packs to be won.
Herbal Essences - Part of the Deep Fried winter tool kit

Three cheers for our winners! 

And speaking of winning, today I announce the winners of my Cheer Chick Charlie book packs! The three lucky people are Michelle from Jarrah Jungle, Kylee from Boomerang Jane and Jenny N (Facebook entry)! Yay!! Woot woot. Thanks so much for being a part of my 1000 posts celebration and for being such loyal and active followers for all these years.  You guys rock and I hope you grow to love Charlie as much as I do.


*It is no secret that I am in love with Colette Hayman and her accessories are starting to feature regularly in my Deep Fried Tool Box simply because getting new fancy stuff to parade around with helps you stay fabulous in your 40s. Besides, her designs surpass age and she is very cost friendly and it's important to me that looking good doesn't have to cost the Earth. My new handbag only cost $55 which for a briefcase/tote/shopping bag combination is kind of cheap.  If anyone from Colette Hayman is listening, please make me your bloggy brand ambassador.  I could happily parade around in your stuff forever ...

** Again, it's no secret that I like Clairol products so when they want me to trial their stuff it's a no brainer. I use it anyway, it's just this way I get to experiment with a wider product range AND I get it all for free! Win win WIN. 

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