Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 1009 - New Home Office

I am finally off the dining table!

Deep Fried Home Office - Leanne's half
After years of setting up a laptop on the dining table, and after months of putting unsuccessful bids on a new mansion home with a business"wing", and then after half-hearted meetings with builders and architects about building a dedicated office onto our existing home, Derek and I have finally found a short term solution and converted our "formal" lounge room into an enormous study/library. 

The Library:

Being a book lover I have always liked the idea of having a dedicated library in my home. Somewhere free of televisions, with a fire place and a comfy couch to curl up on.  Funnily enough I had a TV free zone*, comfy couch and fireplace in my home all along, I just never looked at the lounge room with "library eyes" before. 

 The Partnership:

Deep Fried Home Office - Derek's half
Derek has always had his desk set up in the lounge room, but as a family we rarely use the room other than when we have visitors ... kind of like a break out room of sorts.  So as I continued to ponder my need for a dedicated home office it dawned on me I could actually create the library I had always hoped for while at the same time getting my office as well! And having to share with my husband? Well, if he would just stop bloody talking I think it will work well. And if all else fails we can always put up a screen.

The Desk:

Deep Fried Removalist Van

After looking at a very crappy and beaten up desk that used to belong to a Mexian President (there is no way I am going to spend $1000 on something that I then have to restore), Derek found me a gorgeous second hand desk made to look like an antique which is just lovely and HUGE and was only $400. Bargain! I had kittens when he brought it home on the roof of his car (I  couldn't go with him to collect it due to nightmarish visions of it ending up in pieces on the side of the highway or worse still flying through the windscreen of someone else's car), but now that it is all safe and set up I feel like a queen! 

So there it is.  Our very own library.  All I need now is an enormous book case to go along the wall behind that brown couch there with the throw rug, and to get some custom made wood framed double glass "library" style doors for that doorway you see next to my desk, and we're home and hosed baby**.

PS: This post is not actually being written from my lavish new office. I am in fact writing this from another dedicated study with views of rolling hills, a tractor, horses and lovely green trees. Yep, we are at the farm with Nanny and Pop.  And as usual, the moment I hit my mum's house I just can't stop sleeping! Comfort ...

Foot notes:

*While this is officially supposed to be a TV free zone, Derek does manage to smuggle a portable television in for watching football while he processes his EBay sales of a weekend. I guess I can give him that much.  

** Unfortunately our Charlie and Ebay packaging is still being done on the dining table for the time being, but Husband and I are working on creating storage space downstairs and being discipled about creating packaging room within our own desk areas so that the dining room stays lovely and fresh.


  1. Sounds like the perfect arrangment to me, I love library rooms one day Id like a huge house with a library and one of those ladders I can swing on!
    Enjoy your break on the farm x

  2. A house with a library ? what a fantastic house


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