Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 1010 - My Home Town

Where did you grow up?

Goulburn Town Clock
I grew up in Goulburn and I visit it often. Well, actually, I don't. I feel like I visit it often because we spend time with my parents on the farm, but if the truth be known, I don't often venture into town.  But it feels like I visit it often because where my parents are, my childhood is, and my childhood was Goulburn. Make sense?

My kids get a taste for my home town when they spend time with their grandparents.  They often head into town and can see where I went to school, where we used to live (in town), the shops I would frequent and they get a general feel for what life was like for me.  That gets me to thinking about my childhood and my grandparents and how I used to get a feel for how my parents grew up.

Nimmitabel - Old Flour Mill
As a kid I spent a lot of time in Nimmitabel - my Mum's home town.  Nimmitabel is a very small country town in the NSW Snowy region, about 20 minutes from Cooma. My cousins and I would play for hours on the wood heap outside Nanna and Pop's house, or we would walk into town to the park and play on the old tractor and train, or we'd go to the single store on the mainstreet and buy lollies. 

Milton - main street

As a kid I also spent a lot of time in Milton - my Dad's home town. Milton is an equally small coastal/country town on the NSW right next to Ulladulla and about half an hour or so from Nowra.   I have a gazillion cousins on that side of the family so my time in Milton would be spent with them at their houses, or at Nan's house playing with the farm set, traipsing around her enormous garden or flicking through her old book collection.

As I sit here writing the press releases for regional newspapers (including Goulburn, Ulladulla and Cooma) I draw on my childhood experiences and realise just how many storylines I have inside me for the rest of my Cheer Chick Charlie series.  I also realise just how much of each of those towns lives inside my heart.

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