Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 1013 - Family Bike Ride

It's time to strap on a backpack, grab a helmet, roll up your trouser leg and head to the shops.  

Warning: Strictly no lycra allowed*!

Deep Fried Family Bike Ride (Tahlia taking photo)
It's been over a month since I had  PT session and the once a week cheerleading just isn't keeping me fit.  So remembering the ol' "use it or lose it" philosophy I figured it was time for a bike ride.  To stay fit and fabulous in your 40s you've got to keep moving.  Combine that with the need to hit the shops and to find some school holiday activities for the kids, and a family bike ride seemed like the perfect all round solution.

We don't do it nearly enough, but when we do we thoroughly enjoy it.  Sometimes we even splurge and eat a McDonalds breakfast while we're at it figuring the bike ride will cancel out the fat intake. Today it was a bike ride to grab a couple of office supplies from Big W before then hitting the outdoor basketball courts for some dribbling, bouncing**, shooting and running.  

It's a bit sad that Max-the-now-blind-Labrador wasn't be with us due to his visual impairment.  He used to enjoy this outing.  But that's ok, he'll get a footy kicking session near the house this arvo instead.

When was your last family bike ride? 

*I don't get the whole top-to-toe-lycra deal and clacky clip-on-shoes.  This ain't the tour de France nor is it an Olympic lap.  Lycra is wrong on so many levels and should never be teamed with  latte and muffins at street side cafes.  The Langdown family is a strictly lycra-free zone.  

** There was far too much bouncing on my part during our basketball game.  May have to look into my bra situation.


  1. Family bike ride, that sounds great! Maybe I could find an infant sized helmet and strap my baby into the bjorn :) I used to ride a bike everywhere but it's been forgotten in my baby-making years. I hope I can get back to it.

  2. I lost mine for a long time too. And the whole "bike bum" thing is a bit of a turn off. But short stints and plenty of weeks between rides seems to make it bearable.

  3. Your family look so happy together on your ride :). That's one thing the kids and I love doing together, especially on long summer nights :)


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