Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 1016 - Avocados

It's a Deep Fried miracle! 

Most mornings I eat crisp bread with avocado.  I just love the smoothness, taste and texture of avocado and the fact there are no additives.  Then I read an article about the  health benefits and "fountain-of-youth" qualities of our little green friend and I've decided it's definitely one to keep in the Deep Fried toolbox. 

This little beauty is rich in vitamin C and is loaded with antioxidants. It's also got vitamin E in there and is a good source of fibre.  Not to mention the beauty benefits! The fat found in avocado is oleic acid which can play a role in your skins defence system.  It's right up there with olive oil when it comes to keeping the skin healthy.  And the vitamin C I mentioned earlier does great stuff like improves the collagen in your skin and the vitamin E helps keep your hair healthy and can increase the growth of new skin cells (while at the same time eliminating cellular waste).  And we all know that the antioxidants fight those free radical bastards.  

So yeah, eating avocado doesn't just taste good, it's also really good for you! Especially if you're Deep Fried like me.  

Please excuse me while I tuck into my breakfast ...

Deep Fried breakfast - crispbreads, cream cheese, avocado, fruit and dried apple

Foot notes:

The avocado industry have played no role in the making of this post (although I did peak at their website). I just wanted to shout about avocados because I genuinely love them ... and I had nothing else to write about today. 

I wish I could say no avocados were harmed in the making of this post but I guess it kind of was.  I mean, I cut it in half, gutted it and then chowed down on it.  So I guess it was all quite murderous. 


  1. I absolutely love advocado. Im one of those people that picks all the advocado out of the salad so I get the good bits :)


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