Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 1017 - All Alone

It's far too quiet.

Derek took the kids to the coast for a few days leaving me to potter around on my own for a while. In theory it seemed like a great idea! I love having big blocks of alone time. Monday I had back-to-back appointments and meetings, and yesterday I had a day to work in the home office, fold washing, potter around and watch TV.  Today I finish up a consultancy. 

Being alone for the last few days has been great with no one to think about but myself.  But the night times have been awful!

I need loads of alone time. It's just who I am. Perhaps it's being an only child or something, but I need my own space.  Don't get me wrong ... I love people.  I just don't love them hanging around me all the time.  So having the house to myself for a few days seemed like a wonderful way to work my little buttocks off in the home office (without feeling guilty), have a couple of evening meetings and then enjoy some splattsville on the couch without having to challenge someone for the remote.  

But then it gets dark and late and being alone doesn't feel quite so good.  I am very pleased this is only a temporary thing. I miss my family. Even the dog! Please come home now ....


  1. I love my alone time, too. You may be on to something about the only child thing.

    Enjoy your space and I hope your family gets back soon.

  2. They are back safe and sound (and the house is evidence of that). Is it time for them to leave again yet?! Just kidding (kind of)


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