Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 1018 - Disney Memories

The Disney Photo Pass

Deep Fried Fruit- Cars Land Grand Opening

It's been a month since I arrived home from my Disneyland adventures but the memories are still firmly planted in my mind.  And on my computer! There is a reason Disney is regarded as one of the world's customer service experts - it's because they're always going that extra mile to make things easier and more pleasant for their visitors.  The Disney Photo Pass is a case in point.

When I arrived at Disney we were given a Media identification pass as well as a Disney Photo Pass to hang on our lanyard.  What that meant was that whenever we spotted an official photographer on the Disney grounds, or a character photo session (including at the breakfasts) or even when we went on a ride that included a "mouth-gapingly-holy-shit" type photo*, all we had to do was have our photo pass scanned and our photos would be stored in our own personal photo file.  All we had to do was log-on to the system (from anywhere in the world) within 30 days of our first photo being taken and we could then buy the photos either via download or by CD or hard copy which would be sent in the post.
Deep Fried Fruit - Tower of Terror - terrified much?!

Now, it was all a bit of a mystery to us while we were actually at Disney.  We didn't fully understand how it was all going to work, but that didn't stop us from taking every opportunity possible to get our picture taken and our passes scanned. I for one crash tackled anyone who vaguely resembled an official photographer.

A Deep Fried Collage - Opening of Cars Land

So how much does all this cost?  And how do you go about getting it set up?

Well, because of the whole media junket it didn't cost me a thing and somebody else did all the hard work for me.  But I hear it is pretty easy to do yourself. You can get your Disney Photo Pass for free from any of the Disney photographers.  As soon as that first photo is taken and your pass is scanned, you are registered.  Then it's as easy as going on-line, signing up and keying in your pass number, and choosing which  photos you want to buy. While you are on-line you can get cool merchandise with your photo included like mugs or mouse-pads. Now this is where the money comes in.  The photos are not cheap. They are around $14.95 each which makes for a pretty expensive trip if you get as many photos taken as I did.  But having said that there is the option to buy a Photo CD which is just under $100. There is no limit to how many photos you get if you take the CD option and you also get bonus photos which includes various views around the park, characters on their own and night time shots that you may not otherwise get yourself.  And the thing about the CD is, you still don't have to actually get it on CD. I had mine emailed to me in zipped files. All 68 meg! The photos all come in high resolution and given you still have editing options** it means you don't need to lug around your camera everywhere you go.

Deep Fried Fruit - Opening of Cars Land - Mater

Would I choose the Photo Pass option next time I take the family?  Absolutely!

For more information on Disney Photo Pass click here

Editor's Note: Can you believe just hours after pressing "publish" on this post I had a parcel hand delivered to my door with a very special keepsake inside.  A custom photo book based on the Disney expansion project. It includes photos of the resort, images of the plans for expansion, descriptions of each newly renovated area, a whole spread on Cars Land AND a whole bunch of the photos taken on my Photo Pass!! How freakishly synchronous is that!!!!  Thank you Disney (and thank you Mr Disney Australia - Sean Harrigan). 

* If you look at the FAQs on the Disney Photo Pass site it suggests that the ride photos are not included in the Photo Pass. But after every photographed ride I had my pass scanned by the photo people and they magically all appeared in my photo stash so I am thinking that they are.  Either that or I am a super special rock star ...

** I personally didn't need to edit a thing.  My pictures are perfect just they way they are.  I mean seriously ... could Mater be any more good looking?


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